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Did You Know?

  • The Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) supports teachers, principals, and district leaders in 12 states. Geographically, the majority of CEL’s work is situated in five states, Washington (35%), Wyoming (23%), Louisiana (11%), New Jersey (10%), and Oregon (7%).
  • CEL provides a variety of services and supports to its partners. Our work consists of literacy coaching (54%), coaching on the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (19%), and leadership coaching (9%).

CEL December Newsletter Focuses on Teacher Evaluation

CEL’s December Newsletter examines the larger national education conversation regarding the effort to overhaul teacher evaluation and accountability systems. Featured in this edition are articles by CEL’s Executive Director, Stephen Fink, entitled, “Tying Teacher Evaluation to Improved Instructional Expertise” along with a guest feature by Dr. Susan H. Fuhrman, President of Teachers College, Columbia University, “Tying Teacher Evaluation to Student Achievement - Caution, Yellow Light Ahead.”

CEL Participating in Washington State's New Teacher Evaluation Pilot

Washington State's recent legislation calling for development and implementation of a new Teacher/Principal Evaluation (Pilot) program has set off an intensive discussion among educators and communities statewide about what good teaching looks like and how to evaluate it.  As part of that effort, the state has funded eight school districts and one educational service district to develop and implement teacher evaluation systems over a two-year pilot period.  One of the funded sites, Anacortes School District, has invited CEL to collaborate with them in developing a teacher evaluation tool based on CEL's 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (5D) framework.  

Anacortes chose to work with CEL on their evaluation design because they find that the 5D framework is improving not only their teachers' classroom practices, but also their principals' and district office leaders' ability to help teachers improve.  "We are excited to be working with UW CEL to do the 'cross walk' with the eight new Washington State evaluation criteria and the 5Ds of learning.  We believe the 5D is not only clearly aligned with at least six of the evaluation criterion, but will also provide a clear definition of each criteria along with a continuum of evidence or lack of evidence to reach each criteria standard," said Chris Borgen, Superintendent of Anacortes School District.

CEL is committed to the development of leadership skills, content and instructional knowledge and abilities of teachers, school administrators, and district leaders. About the new push for teacher evaluation in Washington State, CEL’s Executive Director, Dr. Stephen Fink says, "We are delighted to be participating in this critical initiative that we think will be a real leap forward in terms of acknowledging the complex and sophisticated craft of teaching.  An evaluation system that truly builds the capacity of our teachers will lead to better practice which ultimately will result in greater student learning." Click here to learn more about CEL’s TEP work.

Puget Sound Superintendents’ Network

Earlier this fall CEL launched another superintendents’ network in partnership with the Puget Sound Educational Service District.  Superintendents and their immediate deputy/assistant from the following Washington State school districts are participating:  Eatonville, Enumclaw, Orting, Peninsula, Seattle, Shoreline, Snoqualmie Valley, and Tahoma. 

The purpose of the PSESD Superintendents’ Network is:

  • to create a deep learning community designed to improve superintendents’ understanding of powerful instruction,
  • to identify current problems of instructional practice,
  • to use the collective intelligence of the network to help each superintendent grapple with an identified problem of his/her system’s leadership practice, and
  • to develop more powerful leadership strategies and actions that improve the quality of teaching and learning in every school and in every classroom.

The Network utilizes instructional rounds, i.e., learning walkthroughs, as a primary means of achieving its stated purpose.  CEL’s Executive Director, Dr. Stephen Fink, and Project Director, Dr. Sandy Austin facilitate and support the instructional rounds process.  They also provide the network with additional tools and protocols designed to support superintendents’ leadership efforts. Prior to the instructional rounds process, the Network convened for one full day of training with UW CEL faculty to examine more deeply the components of powerful instruction using UW CEL’s 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning.  This was critical preparation prior to actually visiting classrooms. To learn more about the Puget Sound Educational Service District visit CEL’s recent article about this work.

CEL’s Work in Oregon Featured in New Publication

http://www.k-12leadership.org/sites/default/files/inacol.jpg?1290007454CEL’s partnership with Oregon Business Council (OBC) and Employers for Education Excellence (E3) and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is featured in a new report, “When Failure Is Not An Option: Designing Competency-Based Pathways for Next Generation Learning,” by Chris Sturgis (MetisNet) and Susan Patrick (International Association for K-12 Online Learning).

CEL’s work included the provision of intensive technical support in two school pilot sites (Woodburn’s Academy of International Studies (AIS) and Beaverton’s Health and Science School (HS2). A copy of the report, artifacts from our work and a short video about the project are available on the CEL website.




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