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Faculty Council 2010-2011

joy williamson-lott

Faculty Council President
Joy Williamson-Lott

This year, the Faculty Council will take up several projects, including:

  1. Move the PhD renewal process forward 
    Last year ended with wide agreement on a few issues, and we will work to institute them this year.
  2. Support for faculty and staff during the move to Activity Based Budgeting (ABB)
    Faculty Council will host an information session with area chairs and the dean on ABB, sponsor workshops by the UW Teaching Academy on teaching large classes, help make decisions on the expanded undergraduate offerings, and find way to have faculty and staff provide advice to the dean on our experiences/thoughts/opinions on decisions regarding ABB.
  3. Put parts of the Strategic Plan into practice
    For instance, the Office of Students Services has created advising handbooks for the MEd and PhD programs; we will streamline the PhD process; we will make a discussion of diversity an institutional reality by making it a standing committee in Faculty Council; and we will gather data so that we can better understand ourselves, who we want to be and how we will know when we have achieved our strategic goals.

Members include:

  • President: Joy Williamson-Lott
  • Vice President: Walter Parker
  • Past President: Leslie Herrenkohl
  • Area: Curriculum & Instruction: Geneva Gay, Sheila Valencia
  • Area: Educational Leadership & Policy Studies: Mike Knapp, Maresi Nerad
  • Area: Educational Psychology: Virginia Berninger, Catherine Taylor
  • Area: Special Education: Cap Peck (fall only); Joe Jenkins (winter, spring), Doug Cheney
  • Staff: Patrick Sexton
  • Students: Eligio Martinez, Catherine Mutti-Driscoll
  • Other: Tom Stritikus, Deb McCutchen, Steve Kerr, Roberta Hilton, Lynda Jensen
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