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CEL Updates, January 2011

Did You Know?

The Center for Educational Leadership is a fee-based organization that provides ongoing support to schools, districts and states in a variety of areas including:

Central Office Leadership Retreats

Topics include the identification of systems level policies, practices and structures that need changing in order to improve instruction.

  • General Study Group Sessions for School and District Leaders.   
  • Learning Walkthroughs. CEL offers facilitated learning walkthroughs designed to sharpen the observation skills of leaders to better see and analyze teacher practice.
  • Leadership Coaching.  Leadership Coaching is provided by accomplished instructional leaders.  Leadership coaching is school and district embedded, carried out in the actual context of leaders’ work.
  • Instructional Coaching. Coaching in the content areas of literacy and mathematics may focus on developing pedagogical knowledge in a particular content area (literacy or math) or in the area of coaching and professional development itself.
  • Instructional Framework. CEL faculty developed a comprehensive instructional framework called the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (5D).  This research based framework clearly identifies high quality teaching along five dimensions and thirteen sub-dimensions with essential questions to guide school leaders in their work of instructional improvement.  
  • Online Proficiency Assessment. CEL’s 5D is the only instructional framework in the country that is accompanied by an on-line proficiency based assessment that measures school leaders’ ability to observe and analyze instruction, provide useful feedback to teachers, and to guide and support teachers’ professional learning.   
  • Classroom Instructional Videos.  The videos show examples of authentic classroom teaching and provide opportunities for viewers to analyze instruction using the 5 Dimensions as a lens. 

CEL Staff Presenting at AASA Conference

Steve Fink, CEL's Executive Director, will provide an overview of powerful new research illustrating the level of instructional expertise among school and district leaders across the country at the American Association of School Administrator’s National Conference on Education in Denver, CO. His session, What Do Leaders Need to Know to Improve the Quality of Teaching Practice? is on February 17 from 11:15am-12:15pm.  In this session, instructional expertise data comparing urban, suburban and rural school districts will be shared. Participants will be provided a comprehensive instructional framework for analyzing the quality of teaching across five dimensions and 13 sub-dimensions that they can use for classroom observation.  In addition, participants will be provided an inquiry based tool to support classroom walkthroughs in their own school district.

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