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Introducing New Members of our Community

Terry McGovern is the new Payroll Coordinator for the College of Education. More »

terry mcgovern

Funding Announcements

Funding announcements are provided monthly by the UW College of Education grants office.

Bransford, John: George Lucas Educational Foundation

John Bransford (PI) has received an award from the George Lucas Educational Foundation for $100,000 over one year, beginning November 2010. The grant, entitled “Knowledge in Action Project,”provides funds to Bransford and his team to continue to develop and assess the effectiveness of rigorous project-based learning approaches to AP courses.

Brown, Sharan: Washington Education Association

Sharan Brown (PI) has received an award from the Washington Education Association (WEA) for $35,860 over eight months, beginning January 2011, for a grant entitled “Special Education Web-based Continuing Education Project.” Each year since 1998, WEA has provided funding for Brown and her team to develop and teach continuing education courses in special education legal and policy training.

Cohen, Marilyn: Seattle-King County Department of Public Health

Marilyn Cohen (PI) has received an award from the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health for $250,000 over two years. Through the “Powerful Choices Project,” the UW, in partnership with Seattle Public Schools and Boys and Girls Clubs of King County, will raise students’ awareness of the media’s influence on their food choices.

Shouse, Andrew: Bellevue School District

Andrew Shouse (PI) has received an award from the Bellevue School District (BSD) for $695,231 over five years, beginning October 2010. The grant, entitled “Reimagining College and Career Readiness: STEM, Rigor and Equity at a Comprehensive High School,” is a subcontract on BSD’s $4.1 million Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The collaborative project involves UW’s Institute for Science and Mathematics, Sammamish High School, and other partner organizations.

Awards and Honors

Email us with a new book, award, or other news for faculty, alums, students, or staff.

Louise Clauss: Grants Manager

Louise Clauss, grants manager at the College of Education, received a UW ProStaff Award for sustained superior service in grants management. Clauss was recognized for her outstanding work at the Professional Staff Organization (PSO) awards ceremony on December 22, 2010.

louise clauss

Frances Contreras: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Frances Contreras made a presentation to the Higher Education Committee on January 18 regarding the status of underrepresented student achievement in Washington. Her remarks will air on the legislative channel this month.

UW Distinguished Staff Award Nominees: Paul Hanisko, Michael Nielsen, and Jerry Purcell

Paul Hanisko, the manager of technology, Michael Nielsen, the Office of Student Services certification coordinator, and Jerry Purcell, the Curriculum and Instruction area secretary, have all been nominated to receive the 2011 UW Distinguished Staff Award. This award is designed to acknowledge the extraordinary service and accomplishments of UW Staff. There will be a reception honoring all Distinguished Staff Award nominees on February 9, at 2:30pm in the UW Tower auditorium.

Herbert Hoffman (‘08), Jennifer Lee Hoffman (‘06), Timothy St. Louis (‘08): Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Herbert, L. Hoffman, Timothy St. Louis, and Jennifer Lee Hoffman published an article in the Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering. The article is titled, Understanding the Influence of Parent Engineers on the College Major Choice of their Daughters.

Jennifer Hoffman: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and Alum ‘06

Jennifer Hoffman, a faculty member who works in the Center for Leadership in Athletics, recently published State Gender Equity Law & Athletic Participation Among Community Colleges in Washington State Community College in the Journal of Research and Practice with Dr. David Horton, Jr., Ohio University. More »

Hoffman also presented at the NCAA Scholarly Colloquium in San Antonio Texas on January 11, 2010. The presentation was titled, Title IX, The SWA & Equality in Intercollegiate Athletics: A Social Justice Perspective.

Mark Windschitl: Curriculum and Instruction

Mark Windschitl will be presenting research on the NSF project regarding the use of tools to support ambitious teaching by novices at Stanford University on February 14th. The presentation is titled, The Beginner’s Repertoire:Proposing a Core Set of Instructional Practices for Teacher Preparation.

Fast Facts: College of Education

The UW Office of State Relations recently launched an initiative called "UW in Your Community" a dynamic, interactive web map showing the many ways the UW is making a difference in each of the state's 49 legislative districts. Did you know that UW students have designed and built greenhouses as part of redevelopment in Twisp? Or that 18,000 UW alumni live in the 5th district near Issaquah? Or that UW faculty are helping kids get ready for college in high schools throughout the state?
Learn more »

Faculty Feature

Anti-bullying program reduces malicious gossip on school playgrounds

Elementary school students who participated in a three-month anti-bullying program in Seattle schools showed a 72 percent decrease in malicious gossip. The study, led by the University of Washington, is the first to show that the widely-used Steps to Respect bullying prevention program can curb children’s gossip, an element of playground culture often seen as harmless but capable of causing real harm. More »

karin frey

College Updates

Center for Educational Leadership

The Center for Educational Leadership shares it knowledge about instructional expertise across the nation through leadership retreats and conference presentations.More »

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a free resource for all Education students, staff and faculty. The Writing center can help with research, pre-writing, drafting, revision, or publication, or direct you to the appropriate campus resource for assistance. More »


Ackerley Partnership on UWTV

uwtv-ackerley-tep partnership

Watch now »

Once In a Lifetime: Photo of Elwha Dam Draining

As part of the Elwha Watershed Learning Sciences Project, Kieran O’Mahony (co PI) kayaked Lake Mills, the body of water trapped behind the Elwha dam, as the five sluices released metric tons of water. This amazing dam removal project, which is the largest in the world today, will take years; it has been a rich opportunity for local middle school students to learn about STEM, especially geo-science, geography, and culture. These students witnessed the lake draw-down by 18 vertical feet (see picture of waterline on cliff face), and were the first human feet in the emergent muddy shoreline for nearly 100 years. They marveled at a double-rainbow that formed inside the gorge of Glines Canyon when the five sluices were fully open and saw the river downcutting into the 17 million metric tons of silt in the lake delta. Watch a short video shot while kayaking the lake during this draw-down.

elwha dam draining

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Upcoming Events

February 04 2011
Winter Quarter Research & Inquiry Presentations

Miller 212 11:00am

February 12 2011
Special Education Mentor-Mentee Workshop

Miller 104 8:00am

February 18 2011
Winter Quarter Masters Exams

Miller 424 8:00am

February 18 2011
CREST Colloquium

Miller 320 2:00pm


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College In the News

Cell phone apps and other products take on bullies

January 7, 2011

One in four kids are bullied according to statistics. It is a problem some are trying to solve with products. From backpacks to cell phone apps, there are some new ways to fight back against bullies. Karin Frey is quoted. More »

Creating a new model for high school STEM education

UW Today
January 5, 2011

Rigorous studies in science, technology, engineering and math, with industry mentoring for both students and teachers, and maybe even a longer school year — these are key features of a new five-year, $4.1 million grant for the UW's Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, Bellevue's Sammamish High School and several partner organizations. The project is called Reimagining Career and College Readiness: STEM, Rigor, and Equity in a Comprehensive High School, and is being funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Investing in Innovation, or i3, program. The UW institute is teaming with the Bellevue School District, the College Board, the Washington STEM Center and other organizations for the work. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

An education bombshell from the Governor's office

January 5, 2011

In a morning news conference, the Governor announced that she wants to re-build Washington State's education system from the ground up. Actually, her exact words were, "We do not have an education system." What she wants to do is build a new, cohesive education system to replace the disjointed one that is currently in place. Tom Halverson is quoted. More »

UW Study Finds Kids Love to Gossip; Also: Fire = Hot, Water = Wet

Seattle Weekly
January 4, 2011

Researchers at UW recently studied students at six elementary schools in Seattle to learn how they communicate with and about each other. Turns out they talk a lot about who may or may not be carriers of cooties. In other words, they gossip a lot. Other revelations include: kids love cartoons, hate broccoli and will not stop picking their noses. More »

UW Care Clinic clears path for disabled

Seattle Times
December 21, 2010

Psychologists with the University of Washington CARE Clinic diagnose and treat a range of neurodevelopmental disabilities, from autism and Asperger's syndrome to learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The clinic, which served 420 families from across the state last year, has a clientele ranging in age from 2-1/2 to 79. More »

Education on the Elwha

Columns Magazine
December 15, 2010

UW uses upcoming dam removal to study teaching techniques. The National Science Foundation awarded O'Mahony and UW Professor John Bransford a one-year RAPID (Rapid Response Research) grant. The pair is using the $200,000 to study teaching methods regarding the Elwha River and the upcoming removal of its two dams. Half of the more than 300 participating middle-school students from nearby Port Angeles are doing traditional science projects with PowerPoint presentations. The other half will create five-minute videos that tell the story of the watershed's past, present and future, including the swamping of local tribal land, the blocking of more than 70 miles of superb habitat from five salmon species, and the biggest dam-removal project in U.S. history. More »

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