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Miiler Hall in May

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Commencement 2011

June 11, 2011 UW Quad

Claudio Sanchez, the education correspondent for National Public Radio, will provide the keynote speech at the UW College of Education’s Graduation Celebration on June 11, 2011. The public is invited to attend this event, which will be held on the UW Quad, near Miller Hall. More»


Saying Goodbye

We bid farewell to several retiring faculty. Click below to read features and share your memories of Joseph Jenkins, Donna Kerr, and Owen White.

joe jenkins

Joseph Jenkins – Special Education

Donna Kerr  - Education Leadership and Policy Studies

Owen White – Special Education

New Faculty


In this e newsletter, we welcome Megan Bang and Liz Sanders as assistant professors in the Area of Educational Psychology.

Megan Bang specializes in cognitive science, a discipline within the learning sciences. Not only did she receive a cognitive science graduate fellowship for interdisciplinary research projects, she was also awarded a Spencer Dissertation Fellowship for her dissertation, which was titled, “Understanding Students’ Epistemologies: Examining Practice and Meaning in Community Contexts.” 

Elizabeth Sanders specializes in statistical methods, which was the focus of for her dissertation, titled Multilevel Modeling Methods for Partially Nested Cluster Randomized Trials. Her dissertation featured modeling approaches to an experimental design comparing small groups with individuals. Sanders’ intellectual passion is fueled by experimental designs in educational research.

Funding Announcements

The UW College of Education grants office provides funding announcements monthly.  There are no new funding announcements for the previous month.


Email us with a new book, award, or other news for faculty, alumni, students, or staff.

Bonnie Campbell Hill: Alumnus ‘91

Bonnie Campbell Hill, alumnus of the College of Education, passed away recently. As part of her legacy, she raised $500,000 for literacy projects in the third world in just six months. More»

Frances Contreras: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Frances Contreras will be publishing a new book, Achieving Equity for Latino Students, through Columbia University’s Teachers College Press in June 2011. Despite their numbers, Latinos continue to lack full and equal participation in all facets of American life, including education. This book provides a critical discussion of the role that select K–12 educational policies have and continue to play in failing Latino students. More»

Allen “Gregg” Harbaugh: Alumnus ‘09

Gregg Harbaugh, educational psychology alumnus, has taken a position as lecturer at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia.

Jennifer Hoffman: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and Alumnus ‘06

Jennifer Hoffman released a book chapter, titled ‘“Each generation of women had to start anew”: A Historical Analysis of Title IX Policy and Women Leaders In the Extracurriculum’ in Penny Pasque and Shelly Errington, (Eds.), Empowering Women in Higher Education and Student Affairs: Theory, research, narratives, and practice from feminist perspectives. More»

Hoffman was selected for the 2011 IHELG Higher Education Law Roundtable in Houston, May 18-20, 2011. More»

Hoffman was also named Research Focus on Education & Sport, 2012 Program Chair for the AERA 2012 Conference in Vancouver, BC

Christopher Knaus: Alumnus ‘02

Christopher Knaus has been awarded the Fulbright Award. He will be teaching and conducting research at the University of West Cape in South Africa starting this July. Knaus’ second book, Shut up and Listen, is coming out this summer, published by Peter Lang.

Lawrence Morales: Alumnus ‘08

Lawrence Morales, educational psychology alumnus, has taken a position as an Improvement Specialist with the Carnegie Foundation. This position will involve adapting and applying tools from the improvement sciences to facilitate the ongoing development and implementation of short and long-term improvement efforts in the Networked Improvement Communities (NIC) sponsored by the Foundation. It also involves working with NIC's to identify high leverage problems whose solutions would significantly enhance performance, deliver results, and promote improvement in education and throughout the organization.

Maresi Nerad: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

As the director of the Center for Innovation and Research in Graduation Education, Maresi Nerad was selected by Nature.com as a webcast discussant on the problems with a science Ph.D. More»

Nerad has been appointed Professor Extraordinary at the University of the Free State (UFS), South Africa.  This three-year appointment has been approved by the Academic senate of the UFS and requires Nerad to spend each one-month at the university, lecturing and teaching on graduate/doctoral education.  It also requires an inaugural hour-long public speech to the entire university.

Nerad was nominated to serve on the Graduate School (GRADE) Advisory Board of the Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany. Nerad will be one of four board members and will provide an international perspective. She will be working with GRADE this summer for six week.

Samuel Odom: Alumnus ‘82

Samuel Odom, Director of FPG Child Development Institute (FPG) and Professor at the School of Education at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, will receive the 2011 Distinguished Graduate Award from the University of Washington College of Education. The Distinguished Graduate Award was established in 1986 and is awarded annually to a College of Education graduate of marked distinction. Odom is being honored for the impact of his research and practice on children with disabilities. More»

Margaret “Marge” Plecki: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Margaret “Marge” Plecki spoke on a panel at Seattle Pacific University about teacher effectiveness on May 23, 2011. During the breakout, she shared findings from her recent research with Ana Elfers on developing an evidence-based framework for improving teacher preparation and development.  More»

Christopher “Chris” Ward: Alumnus ‘09

Chris Ward, educational psychology alumnus, has taken a position as a visiting instructor at Central Florida University.

Patricia “Pat” Wasley: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Patricia “Pat” Wasley received a distinguished alumni Award from Western Washington University. Wasley, a graduate of the Woodring College of Education, was at a dinner on May 12, 2011. More»

Kenneth Zeichner: Teacher Education Program

Kenneth Zeichner has been selected as a Laureate of the education honor society Kappa Delta Pi (KDP). Membership in this elite group is limited to 60 people who, by their lives and their work, exemplify the highest ideals of education. Membership has included John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Margaret Mead, Jane Addams, Albert Einstein, and Robert Maynard Hutchins. Zeichner joins colleague James Banks as a laureate.  He will be inducted at the KDP Centennial Convocation in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 3-5, 2011.  More»

Focus on Research

Multimedia: National Center for Quality Teaching and Learning

Gail Joseph spoke about the National Center for Quality Teaching and Learning at the Dean’s Luncheon for 2010 donors and emeritus faculty. As a UW alum, a parent of former Experimental Education Unit students, and co-PI on the National Center for Quality Teaching and Learning (Susan Sandall is the PI), Joseph spoke to the audience about the project’s scope and goals. Also featured: College of Ed doctoral candidate Jennifer Fung. More»

Language Arts Methods Class at Aki Kurose Middle School: Redefining Clinical Teacher Education

Aki Kurose Middle School is a highly diverse middle school in the central district of Seattle. Spurred by a need evidenced by teacher candidates’ struggles in the field, instructor Karen Mikolasy moved the Secondary Language Arts Methods class to Aki Kurose Middle School. The move to Aki Kurose was both pragmatic and symbolic.  Pragmatically, we believe that pre-service teachers will learn best how to relate to all students when they spend the most time interacting with them.  More»

College Updates

Danforth and L4L Updates

From L4L awardees for the Kenneth Sirotnik Scholarship Fund, to recognition of Cathy Thompson by UCEA, to recent publications, there are many exciting updates this month for Danforth and L4L.  More»

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