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Center for Educational Leadership Updates the 5D Instructional Framework

The University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership is pleased to announce the release of Version 4.0 of the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (5D) instructional framework.

Developed from multiyear research efforts at the University of Washington, the 5D instructional framework is a comprehensive reflection of the core elements of effective teaching. The 5D instructional framework provides a common language of instruction that defines teaching and learning along five dimensions: purpose, student engagement, curriculum and pedagogy, assessment for student learning, and classroom environment and culture. These five dimensions are further defined by 13 subdimensions.

The 5D instructional framework is a tool to help schools and districts successfully implement high-quality instructional practices. The tool can be used as the “lens” for classroom observations, as a guide for teachers, and as a reference during lesson planning and staff meetings about instructional practices.

With the update to Version 4.0, CEL faculty experts have aligned language in the 5D instructional framework with CEL’s newly released version of the 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric. Together, these two tools provide teachers, principals and district administrators the means to increase consistency in conversations about instruction.

Changes from Version 3.0 to Version 4.0 include the refinement of language and terms to better explain certain subdimensions, such as adding learning target as a part of the subdimension of teaching point, and defining students’ learning needs as “academic background, life experiences, culture and language.”

To support the use of the 5D instructional framework, CEL offers customized 5D professional development including 5D overview sessions, guided classroom walkthroughs using the 5D instructional framework, and personalized leadership coaching. The 5D Assessment measures a leader’s capacity to analyze quality teaching and learning. CEL also offers the 5D E-Learning Series, a tool for district, school and teacher leaders to increase their knowledge of the five dimensions.

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Visit the CEL Store if you would like to purchase the 5D instructional framework printed in color on 8.5 x 11 inch card stock.

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