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Center for Educational Leadership Launches 5D™ E-Learning Series

The Center for Educational Leadership’s research-based instructional framework, the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning, is composed of the core elements that constitute high-quality teaching. Now, educators can build their capacity around this powerful instructional framework online through the 5D E-Learning Series.

5d e-LearningThis spring CEL introduced Purposeful Instruction, the first course in the 5D E-Learning Series. Purposeful Instruction digs deep into the topic of “purpose,” the foundational dimension in the 5D instructional framework. 

“Our new e-learning series is a tool for district instructional leaders, principals, coaches and teachers to use in working together to deepen their instructional knowledge, improve the quality of their instructional practice, and to begin to close long-standing academic achievement gaps for their students,” says CEL’s executive director, Stephen Fink.

The interactive series, available by subscription at CEL’s website http://www.k-12leadership.org/e-learning, helps educators establish a consistent vision of academic standards, develop clear long-range goals, and ensure that those goals drive instructional choices from day to day and throughout the year.


The online material incorporates videos and discussions of authentic classroom instruction, readings from professional literature, and multiple stop-and-talks for writing, self-reflection, and discussion based on in-depth ideas: What is your calling as an educator and how does that manifest in student lives? How do teacher assumptions influence what you think about an individual’s potential? How do you keep expectations high when skill levels are low?

Step by step, this course helps educators understand the importance of aligning learning targets with academic standards (what students should know) and establishing related success criteria (what students should be able to demonstrate once they hit those targets). Explicit illustrations demonstrate how purposeful planning can work backward from standards and forward from where each student is academically to help all students reach the same rigorous goals.

Learn more and begin a free trial:


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