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AACTE Honors University of Washington Educators with Outstanding Journal of Teacher Education Article Award

Change is hard, in teacher education programs as in all things. If new regulations and state mandates are viewed as undercutting a program’s local control and autonomy, this can weaken the very staff motivation needed to get changes implemented.

This dampening effect may be lessened, however, if the focus of reforms is shifted from top-down compliance to collective inquiry, valuing local knowledge and seeing the changes as opportunities to clarify and improve the program’s goals and outcomes.

cap peck

Charles "Cap" Peck

That, simply put, is the finding of a December 2010 research paper by the College of Education’s Charles “Cap” Peck and Chrysan Gallucci, and Tine Sloan of the University of California, Santa Barbara. The paper, titled, “Negotiating Implementation of High-Stakes Performance Assessment Policies in Teacher Education: From Compliance to Inquiry,” has been named Outstanding Journal of Teacher Education (JTE) article of the year by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE).

chrysan gallucci

Chrysan Gallucci

The researchers studied a teacher education program in the University of California system for 18 months as program leaders considered implementation of new legislation creating a two-tier credential system and new state standards for teacher preparation and induction.

Reviewers for the association said Peck and co-authors “constructed a rich, descriptive account of the events and the impacts of the policy implementations as they unfolded in a local context,” adding that “the authors’ stance of inquiry, rather than compliance, provided the field with a portrait of how systematic, programmatic research can greatly benefit the educator preparation profession.”

"This paper clearly articulates some of the major tensions involved for teacher educators in the current accountability-driven environment for teacher education,” said Kenneth Zeichner, Boeing Professor of teacher education, who directs the UW teacher training program. He said the paper “provides a compelling example of how one institution was able to connect an external mandate for teacher performance assessment to inquiry about its teacher education program and to program improvement."

Peck and co-authors will receive the honor at the association’s annual conference’s 64th annual meeting, Feb. 17-19, at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. The authors also will receive a plaque and cash award.

The Outstanding JTE Article Award is sponsored by SAGE, AACTE's publishing partner for the journal. Visit online for more information about the journal or about AACTE.

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