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Honors & Awards

Dr. Bob Abbott (Faculty), Dr. Virginia Berninger (Faculty), Jasmin Niedo (Student): Society for Research on Child Development

Dr. Bob Abbott (Faculty), Dr. Virginia Berninger (Faculty), Jasmin Niedo (Student) presented at the Society for Research on Child Development on a paper that they wrote together, titled Interdisciplinary approach to defining, teaching, and evaluating response to teaching for reading and writing disabilities.

Daisy D. Alfaro (Student): AERA Grad Student Council

Daisy D. Alfaro was named Division J (Postsecondary Education) Senior Representative of the AERA Graduate Student Council.

Kelly Aramaki (Alum): WA Elementary Principal of the Year

Kelly Aramaki is Washington's Elementary Principal of the Year for his work at Beacon Hill Elementary in Seattle. Kelly is a Danforth alumnus who also serves as a Principal-in-Residence for our current Danforth cohort.

Dr. James Banks (Faculty): Dr. James Banks (Faculty): Library Journal Endorsement

Library Journal, names 'Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education' one of the "Best References of 2012." Edited by Dr. James A. Banks, "This landmark study serves both as a history of where we’ve been and a road map to where we need to be."More>>

Dr. Philip Bell (Faculty), Dr. Andrew Shouse (Faculty), Dr. Megan Bang (Faculty), FILL IN

Twelve current members and recent alums of the UW Institute for Science + Math Education recently presented at the National Association of Research in Science Teaching (NARST) Conference in April including Philip Bell, Andy Shouse, Megan Bang, Carrie Tzou, Leah Bricker, Katie Van Horne, Giovanna Scalone, Paul Sutton, Elaine Klein, Elizabeth “Biz” Wright, Elly Walsh, and Blakely Tsurusaki.

Dr. Virginia Berninger (Faculty): Kennedy Krieger Spectrum Conference & System’s Biology International Symposium

Dr. Berninger presented an invited talk on Disorders of writing and written expression at the Kennedy Krieger Spectrum Conference at Johns Hopkins University in mid-March. On April 14, Dr. Berninger joined radiology experts Dr. Richards and Dr. Grabowski to present at System’s Biology International Symposium on, Brain connections and systems biology in the study of learning disabilities .

Dr. Virigina Berninger & Dr. Deborah McCutchen (Faculty): National Association of School Psychologists

Three key investigators in the NICHD funded Center for Oral and Written Language Learners, Virginia Berninger, Deborah McCutchen, and William Nagy, presented in an invited symposium on What Psychologists Need to Know about Language: Assessment, Instructional, Cultural Perspectives at the annual meeting of the National Association of School Psychologists in Seattle, WA on February 14, 2013. Arlan K Neskahi, Director of Indian Education, Seattle Public Schools gave the traditional Native American welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Karin S. Frey: Chairing Peer Relations Pre-Conference

Dr. Karin S. Frey chaired the Peer Relations Pre-Conference in Seattle, WA earlier this month.

Dr. Margery Ginsberg (Faculty): AERA Award and Plenary Session

Dr. Margery Ginsberg is the 2013 recipient of the AERA Relating Research to Practice Award in the category of Professional Service.

Dr. Margery Ginsberg delivered the plenary session for the 8th Annual Lilly Arctic Institute on Innovations and Excellence in Teaching at the University of Alaska Bristol Bay Campus in March 2013. Hosted by the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, Ginsberg’s speech, entitled "Adult Learning and Motivation Today," focused on culture, community, and curriculum development.

Dr. Nancy Hertzog: AERA Honoree

Dr. Nancy Hertzog was selected as an AERA Outstanding Reviewer for 2012.

Dr. Jennifer Hoffman (Faculty):

Dr. Jennifer Hoffman received an award from the ACPA Commission for Recreation and Athletics. She received the 2013 Outstanding Contribution to Recreation and Athletics Award at the Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada in March, 2013. More>>

Dr. Ann Ishimaru (Faculty): AERA Awardee

Dr. Ann Ishimaru was awarded the 2013 AERA Leadership for Social Justice Dissertation Award from the Leadership for Social Justice Special Interest Group (SIG) and the AERA Family, School, Community Partnerships Special Interest Group (SIG) Outstanding Dissertation Award for 2013. Her dissertation is titled 'A New Relationship: Collaboration between School District Leadership and Low-Income Latino Parent Organizing to Transform Schooling'.

Dr. Gail Joseph (Faculty): Director of the Early Childhood and Family Studies Program

Dr. Gail Joseph assumed the directorship of the Early Childhood and Family Studies program. With the launch of online ECFS, we expect the total number of online and onsite student to grow to at least 500 by 2014. To foster the continued excellence and innovations of our ECFS faculty, Gail will be working closely with the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs.

Dr. Kristie Kauerz (Faculty): Principal Magazine

Dr. Kristie Kauerz has written a feature about early learning in Principal Magazine. The experiences that children have early in life shape whether their foundation for later learning is sturdy or fragile. Kauerz writes about the latest developmental science in this area.

Dr. Elham Kazemi (Faculty): AERA Honoree

Dr. Elham Kazemi authored a chapter in a book that won the 2013 AERA Division K, Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education Award. The article, ‘Noticing leaders’ interactions with videocases of teachers engaged in mathematics tasks in professional development’, will be published inMathematics teacher noticing: Seeing through teachers' eyes by Routledge. Her co-authors include Elliott, R., Mumme, J., Carroll, C., Lesseig, K., and Kelley-Petersen, M. She has an article in press, along with co-authors Lampert, M., Franke, M., Kazemi, E., Ghousseini, H., Turrou, A.C., Beasley, H., Cunard, A., & Crowe, K. for the Journal of Teacher Education titled ‘Keeping it complex: Using rehearsals to support novice teacher learning of ambitious teaching in elementary mathematics.’

Dr. Ilene Schwartz (Faculty), Dr. Susan Sandall (Faculty), Dr. Carnot J. Thomas (Alum), Dr. Bonnie McBride (Alum): Article in School Mental Health Journal

Dr. Ilene Schwartz (Faculty), Dr. Susan Sandall (Faculty), Dr. Carnot J. Thomas (Alum), Dr. Bonnie McBride (Alum): published an article in School Mental Health Journal on a Project DATA study. Project DATA (Developmentally Appropriate Treatment for Autism) is a school-based comprehensive treatment model for preschool children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This study explored 5 years of results from children participating in the model. More>>

Ben Starsky (Student): AERA Grad Student Council

Ben Starsky was named Division F (History & Historiography) Senior Representative of the AERA Graduate Student Council.

Dr. Elizabeth “Beth” West (Faculty), Meaghan McCollow (Student), & James Kidwell (Student): Council for Exceptional Children Convention

Dr. Elizabeth West and UW doctoral students Meaghan McCollow and James Kidwell presented the showcase session for the Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities at the annual 2013 Council for Exceptional Children Convention. Their presentation was titled, Evidence-Based Practices for Students with Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Dr. Joy Williamson-Lott (Faculty): Vice President for AERA Divison F

Dr. Joy Williamson-Lott was elected Vice President for AERA's Division F (History and Historiography). Her term will be 2014-2017.

Dr. Kenneth Zeichner (Faculty): Speaking at National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Research and Japan-U.S. Teacher Education Consortium

Dr. Kenneth Zeichner was the plenary speaker at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Research session in mid-April and will be the featured speaker at the 25th Japan-U.S. Teacher Education Consortium (JUSTEC 2012), hosted by the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma. JUSTTEC 2013 is supported by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE); the U.S. Embassy, Tokyo; and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, Japan.

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