2016-2017 Advisory Board

Advisory Board Mission

The mission of the OSDI Advisory Board is to provide advocacy, support, and direction for the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion's efforts to promote diversity and inclusion of students of color, international students, and all other marginalized student populations in the College of Education.

Advisory Board composition & responsibilities

The OSDI Advisory Board is composed of College of Education (CoE) students, faculty, OSDI staff, and other representatives from UW-Seattle campus. Members of the board are grouped in two categories: Board Members (elected members) and the Executive Board.

Board Members

The Board Members of the Advisory Board is composed of two CoE faculty, three graduate students, two undergraduate students, one professional student, two OSDI Graduate Student Assistant (GSA) alumni, and one GO-MAP representative.

The responsibilities of the Board Members include:

  • Serving two years; some exceptions apply.
  • Attending OSDI Advisory Board meetings.
  • Assisting in hiring new prospective OSDI GSAs.
  • Suggesting potential Board Member candidates.
  • Assisting OSDI in attaining yearly goals.
  • Providing feedback on OSDI services and programs.
  • Participating and attend OSDI programs.

 Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of three OSDI GSAs and the supervisor of the OSDI office, who is the CoE Student Services Specialist.

The responsibilities of the Executive Board include:

  • Seeking and choosing members of the Advisory Board.
  • Responding to the suggestions of the Advisory Board.
  • Making all final decision regarding the services and programs offered by the OSDI.

Advisory Board Constitution

Do you want to learn more about the roles of the Advisory Board? Check the constituion

Advisory Board Members

The 2016-2017 Advisory Board is composed of the following members:
Board Members

  • Jondou Chen, Faculty Representative
  • Ismael Fajardo, Faculty Representative
  • Prajacta Kulkarni, Graduate Student Representative
  • Susie Nakamura, Graduate Student Representative
  • María Eugenia Rojas Concha, Graduate Student Representative
  • Cinthia Iris Palomino, Professional Student Representative
  • Anthony Tillis, ECO Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Brittany Wu, ECFS Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Adaurennaya Onyewuenyi, OSDI GSA Alumni Representative
  • Christian K. Love, OSDI GSA Alumni Representative
  • Vanessa I. Alvarez, GO-MAP Representative

Execuutive Board

  • Elsha Tivera
  • Juan Lopez
  • Sunun Park
  • Norah Fisher

If you are interested in learning more about the Advisory Board, contact us.

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