Diversity Ambassadors are a corps of current College of Education graduate student volunteers who support the various events and services offered by the OSDI office.

At the OSDI, DAs are important because they assist current students at the CoE as well as those prospective students who are considering academic studies at the COE. DAs share their perspectives about the different programs and areas of studies in the college, student opportunities, experiences and resources, as well as living in Seattle.

In addition to working with prospective students, the DAs help build a vibrant community within the COE through coordination and participation in retention events such as: Coffee Tuesday, OSDI Community Potlucks, serve on various committees, and attend various college/campus events. DAs also give back to the community to provide a safe and nurturing educative experience to students of color, international standing, and historically marginalized students in higher education settings.

Current Diversity Ambassadors

The OSDI office has currently 8 Diversity Ambassadors who are happy to answer questions or steer you to other College of Education or campus resources. Meet our 2021 Diversity Ambassadors.

Diversity Ambassadors responsibilities

Recruitment responsibilities

DAs are a key resource to prospective students who desire to seek out and learn more about the COE before, during, and after the admission process. The experiences and information shared by our DAs serve as critical pieces to prospective students’ navigation of the COE application process as well as learning more about program specific requirements, faculty, staff and campus and COE climate. Some of the responsibilities are:

  • Review and offer feedback on prospective students’ application questions.
  • Attend and help facilitate Application Bootcamps in the Autumn Quarter.
  • Conduct campus tours for prospective students to emphasize diversity resources and points of interest relevant to a specific field of study.
  • Meet and make contact with prospective students.
  • Field prospective students’ questions via email, phone and/or in person.
  • Provide an online biography.
  • Be an ongoing contact/resource to prospective students throughout the application and admission decision processes.
  • Attend at least one Prospective Student Days in the spring.

Retention responsibilities

DAs are also key to the retention of current COE students.  Some of the responsibilities are:

  • Field current students’ questions via email, phone and/or in person as needed.
  • Be an ongoing contact/resource to current students throughout the academic year.
  • Attend and help facilitate a variety of retention programs and events, including Coffee Tuesdays, professional development workshops and community building events.
  • Offer tours or visits to various places in Seattle that emphasize the diversity resources and points of interests relevant to a specific field of study.
  • Help build a welcoming, nurturing, diverse and inclusive community of learners and practitioners at COE.

Becoming a Diversity Ambassador

DA application for new DAs will open in the Autumn 2021 quarter. 

Are you a student interested in making an impact with the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion? If you answered yes, then you should become a Diversity Ambassador (DA)!

DAs support the OSDI team by communicating and engaging with current and prospective BIPOC students, International students, and other students who have been historically marginalized, especially during Prospective Student Days. Serving on committees, assisting in the CoE graduation, and providing direct feedback and suggestions are other ways that DAs make an impact with OSDI. This Spring quarter, OSDI will be facilitating a course as part of our Next Generation Mentorship Program (NGMP). This will be another area where our DAs will be able to support us.

If you're ready to support the OSDI mission, fill out our DA interest form at the following link. OSDI Diversity Ambassador Interest Form >> HERE <<

If you have any questions please let us know at osdi@uw.edu


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