“OSDI programs, faculty mentors, and other BIPOC grad mentors helped me feel confident and capable when I was applying to grad school. Neither of my parents went to graduate school and neither of... more

“I hope I can help international students adapt to life in CoE, support them in the scholarship application, and share the difficulties and happy moments of doctoral study with them! After... more

“As a first generation college student, I came to the UW completely shocked to find out how difficult it is to find community. Throughout my involvements at the UW, I have been able to meet many... more

“I always wanted to be part of a  position that can create change or find ways to create change in our school. I want to make sure our campus and the campus I work in, in the future have equity... more

“As a BIPOC student, I want to help other BIPOC students recognize how important diversity and inclusion truly is in the education system. I want to be able to assist them with any questions they... more

“As a doctoral student studying emotions and anti-oppression learnign, I intend to engage with others with a mind towards how people can change and how best to cultivate sustainable change towards... more

“As an international student studying education policy, I really want to work with applying DEI in the American higher educational system. Although I know that our group is historically excluded,... more

“I would like to be a part of conversations that center intersectional LGBTQIA+ identities in and beyond the college. I want to shine a light on the ways QTPOC are beholden to expectations of '... more

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A new mural in Miller Hall highlights the stories, knowledge and pedagogies of Native communities.