The College of Education enjoys a diverse and inclusive faculty whose research, teaching, practice and service agendas address issues concerning the needs of the nation's every growing population of diverse students in the US education system. These are some of the faculty working and addressing diverse student populations.

Name Program Areas Biography
Megan Bang Educational Psychology, Learning Sciences Human Development, Equity Studies, Teacher Quality & Teacher Education, Secondary Teacher Preparation, Education, Communities & Organizations

I advise students in the following programs: Learning Sciences and... Read more

James A. Banks Equity Studies, Multicultural Education, Teaching, Learning & Curriculum

James A. Banks is the Kerry and Linda Killinger Endowed Chair in Diversity Studies Emeritus and is the founding director of the Center for Multicultural Education at the University... Read more

Filiberto Barajas-López Learning Sciences Human Development, Equity Studies, Teaching, Learning & Curriculum, Excellence In Content Instruction, Mathematics or Science Instruction, Teacher Quality & Teacher Education

My research examines the realities of teaching and learning mathematics in schools serving predominantly African American, Latina/o, Native American, poor/working-class, and immigrant youth. I pursue several interrelated themes in my work:
(1)... Read more

Dafney Blanca Dabach Equity Studies, Teaching, Learning & Curriculum, Excellence In Content Instruction, Language, Literacy & Culture, Teacher Quality & Teacher Education

Dr. Dabach is an Associate Professor at the University of Washington's College of Education. Her research is situated in the field of immigration and education, with particular attention to examining secondary school-based contexts that immigrant... Read more

Geneva Gay Teaching, Learning & Curriculum, Equity Studies, Multicultural Education

Geneva Gay is Professor of Education at the University of Washington-Seattle where she teaches multicultural education and general curriculum theory. She is the recipient of the Distinguished Scholar Award, presented by the Committee on the Role and... Read more

Ann Ishimaru Educational Policy Organizations & Leadership, Organization Policy Studies, Master In Education Policy, Equity Studies, Instructional Leadership

Dr. Ishimaru’s scholarship focuses on the intersection of leadership, school-community relationships, and educational equity in P-12 systems. Her work focuses on improving educational leadership - both formal and family/community - to create equitable... Read more

Brinda Jegatheesan Educational Psychology, Learning Sciences Human Development, Undergraduate Studies, Early Childhood & Family Studies



Post-Doctorate  University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2006

Ph.D   University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2005

MEd  University of Hawai'i at Manoa, 2000 

AREAS OF... Read more

Janine Jones Educational Psychology, School Psychology PhD, School Psychology EdS Cert, Equity Studies

The foundation of my research and teaching is multiculturalism—an inclusive construct that recognizes that within each person co-existing cultures influence how we interact with one another and with our environments. I believe that multiculturalism is... Read more

Elham Kazemi Learning Sciences Human Development, Teaching, Learning & Curriculum, Excellence In Content Instruction, Mathematics or Science Instruction, Teacher Quality & Teacher Education, Teacher Preparation

In collaboration with other researchers, teachers, and school leaders, I study how strong professional learning communities develop in schools serving students from racially, linguistically, and culturally diverse communities. Central to this work is... Read more

Min Li Educational Psychology, Measurement & Statistics, Secondary Teacher Preparation

I believe that the ultimate goal of assessments should not only reflect students’ learning outcomes, but also, which is more important, improve students’ learning. My primary research centers on "the assessment triangle" that links the vertices of... Read more

Sara Lopez Institute For Athletic Leadership

Sara Lopez serves as a Co-Director for the Center for Leadership in Athletics and Program Director for the Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership (IAL) M.Ed. at the University of Washington. Bringing an extensive background in sports administration and... Read more

Joe Lott Higher Education, Equity Studies

Ph.D., 2005, Education Leadership and Research, Higher Education Concentration, Louisiana State University



Lott, J., & Antony, J. S. (Eds.) (... Read more

Ed Taylor Equity Studies

Edward Taylor is vice provost and dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs at the University of Washington where he oversees educational opportunities that advance and deepen the undergraduate experience.... Read more

Manka Varghese Equity Studies, Teaching, Learning & Curriculum, Excellence In Content Instruction, Language, Literacy & Culture, Teacher Quality & Teacher Education, Education, Communities & Organizations

Summary of Scholarship

The major substantive areas in which I have taken a lead in my scholarship are teacher identities/teacher education for multilingual youth and multilingual youth and postsecondary transitions. In doing... Read more

Joy Williamson-Lott Equity Studies, Social Cultural Foundations


Dr. Williamson-Lott's primary research agenda examines the reciprocal relationship between social movements--particularly those of the middle twentieth century--and institutions... Read more

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