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Going viral? 

Lunch and meet with our top candidates for Instructional Design and their views on online education.

Where: MLR411

October 10th @ Noon

Britta Ossim is a passionate designer and educator with expertise in the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learning solutions for a variety of audiences, from K-12 students to adult learners. She has a learner-centered educational philosophy, and she values active and experiential learning, the accessibility of digital and blended learning options. She has experience creating online and instructor-led courses as well as adaptive skills-based training and personalized learning paths.

October 17th @ Noon

Jeff Iannone has successfully led instructional design projects across multiple areas, including college-level course development and instruction, institutional leadership and student enrichment with a collaborative, team-orientated approach. Throughout his career, he has earned a solid reputation for his ability to rapidly adapt to new technology, develop interdisciplinary strategies and manage highly complex projects from original concept through implementation. He has instructional design experience in multiple higher education institutions in our state.

Playing well with others?

With cross-institution collaborative research becoming more common, COE faculty are increasingly asked to enter into data sharing agreements (sometimes referred to as data transfer and data use agreements, or DTUAs). When a signed agreement is required by one party or the other, the UW has guidelines that we have tailored for the COE.

Our COE policy and process around data use agreements can be found online, and Louise Clauss can share examples of data use agreements that can be used as models.