Through the Symposium Lecture Series speakers are invited to the University to engage in discussion on issues related to racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity and education. These lectures are well-attended by the College of Education faculty, teachers, and school administrators.

Year Speaker Topic
April 5, 2013 Jian Wang, Northwest Normal University, China Multicultural Education in Northwest China
November 19, 2010 Guadalupe ValdÈs, Stanford University Keynote, Fall 2010 Symposium
October 2008 Marcelo M. Su·rez-Orozco, New York University Learning a New Land: Immigrant Students in American Society
October 2007 Audrey Osler, University of Leeds, United Kingdom Citizenship, Multiculturalism and Minority Education in Britain: a Question of Civil Rights or Human Rights?
November 2006 Claude M. Steele, Stanford University Contingencies of Identity and Schooling in a Diverse Society: Toward Reducing Inequality of Outcomes
November 2005 David Gillborn, University of London It's not a Conspiracy, it's Worse than That: a Critical Race Perspective on Racism and Education Policy
October 2005 Zeus Leonardo, California State University, Long Beach Critical Perspectives on Diversity, Research, and Education
July 2005 Sandra Harding, University of California at Los Angeles Science and Technology in a Multicultural and Postcolonial World: New Issues and Challenges
October 2004 Gloria Ladson-Billings, University of Wisconsin - Madison What if We Leave All the Children Behind?
January 2004 Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, University of Tokyo Expanding the Borders of the Nation: Ethnic Diversity and Citizenship Education in Japan
October 2002 Luis Moll, University of Arizona The Development of Biliteracy in Children: The Mediating Roles of Language Ideologies
November 2001 Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Harvard University Will anybody know who I am? On Witness, justice and respect
October 2001 Jeannie Oakes, University of California, Los Angeles Becoming Good American Schools: The Struggle for Civic Virtue in Education Reform
May 2001 Alan Schoenfeld, University of California at Berkeley Mathematical Literacy and Civil Rights: Issues of Equity, Standards, and Testing
October 2000 Lisa Delpit, Georgia State University Touched by Their Fire/Blended by Their Brilliance: Reinventing the Education of African American Children
October 1999 Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Boston College Blind Vision: Diversity and Teacher Education
April 1999 Gary Howard, R.E.A.C.H. Center White Teachers in Multiracial Schools
October 1998 Guadalupe Valdes, Stanford University The World Inside and Outside Schools: Language and Immigrant Children
May 1998 Quintard Taylor, University of Oregon In Search of the Racial Frontier: African Americans in the American West, 1529-1990
January 1998 Reva Joshee, University of British Columbia-Vancouver Multiculturalism in the Land of the Mouse: Policy Implementation in Canada
November 1997 Claude Steele, Stanford University How Stereotypes Shape Academic Identity and Performance
October 1996 Lily Wong-Filmore, University of California, Berkeley Cross-Cultural Views of Learning
October 1996 Virgie Chattergy, University of Hawaii at Manoa Multicultural Education in Hawaii
November 1994 Kathyrn H. Au, University of Hawaii, Manoa Improving the Literacy Achievement of Students of Diverse Backgrounds
October 1994 Linda Darling-Hammond, Teachers College, Columbia University Inequality and Access to Knowledge: Implications for Teacher Education
Ocotber 1993 Shirley Brice Heath, Stanford University Portraying African American Cultures: Rethinking the Oral-Literature Dichotomy
January 1993 Cary Partington, Edith Cowen University Educating Ethnic Minorities in Australia
October 1992 Elizabeth G. Cohen, Stanford University Groupwork: Strategies for the Heterogeneous Classroom
January 1992 Edmund G. Gordon, Yale University and Geneva Gay, University of Washington, Seattle The National Assessment Movement: How Will It Affect Educational Practices Related to Diversity and Equity?