Dear College of Education Community,
As our community looks ahead to the coming weeks and, potentially, longer of disrupted routines/practices/policies, our College’s leadership team is doing its best to communicate guidance, foster a feedback loop so we can hear from you about the issues/challenges you are facing, and share emerging best practices. The team is working on a “CoE Readiness Plan” to address at least two possible scenarios.

  • Scenario 1: This optimistic scenario assumes that most general operations and in-class instruction will resume the start of Spring quarter, March 30th. Preparedness planning for this scenario largely involves continuing to making accommodations to ensure students/faculty/staff can self-isolate as necessary on a case by case basis while general operations gradually return to their usual state. 
  • Scenario 2: This scenario assumes that general campus life will not return to normal at the start of spring quarter and some period, if not all, of in-person instruction is not possible.  If this scenario becomes our reality, the following CoE Readiness Plan will help guide our response and operations until other guidance from UW central leadership is given. The College’s leadership team is planning to go over the Readiness Plan during Friday’s virtual faculty meeting and to use it as a basis for a lively community discussion.

In other news, many of you have received word of conference cancellations (AERA being just one) and have many questions regarding reimbursements and other travel-related logistics. I encourage you to visit our College’s COVID-19 website frequently as we are updating  information and guidance to help you make timely and well-informed decisions.  Also, please be mindful of Governor Inslee’s guidance this morning to cancel or postpone events of 250 or more, which the University is adjusting guidance to follow. 

Please also frequently check the University’s COVID-19 website, the King County COVID-19 website and the CDC’s COVID-19 website for updates. Please note that any decisions regarding cancelation of classes, travel restrictions or suspension of operations would come from the Provost. If you have not done so already, I encourage you to sign up for UW Alert, so that you receive any important campus notifications in a timely manner.

These are extraordinary times that we are living in. I appreciate your patience, competence, and above all, good will as we find our way through these uncharted waters together. I know many of you have been working from remote locations to continue the work of the College; thank you for caring for this community by doing so.  I want to give a special shout-out to the staff who have continued to make their way to their respective locations each day to make sure that the work continues both in Miller and other College locations.

Finally, my sincere thanks for everybody’s “all hands on deck” attitude and for responding to messages and requests so quickly!

Mia Tuan

Dean, University of Washington College of Education