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Ambitious Teaching Practices Yield Extraordinary Gains

In 2010, approximately one in five Lakeridge Elementary students were passing the state mathematics assessment test. Working with strong instructional leaders, a school improvement grant, and Lakeridge’s phenomenal teachers, Dr. Elham Kazemi’s team helped those classes see gains that are approaching or outpacing the district average on math benchmark assessments. More»

Community Happenings

Alum Profile: A Visionary in Afghanistan

suzanne griffin in afghanistanFor more than a decade, Dr. Suzanne M. Griffin has been forging new pathways as an educational partner and visionary in Afghanistan. Working with the US Embassy and the Deputy Minister of Education, along with dozens of colleagues and counterparts, Griffin has helped get wireless technology into the Afghanistan university system, has trained more than 7,000 teachers and 600 school administrators, and led the creation and revision of an English curriculum framework used throughout the country. More»

Dr. Kenneth Zeichner: Distinguished AERA Fellow

Dr. Kenneth Zeichner, Boeing Professor of Teacher Education and Director of Teacher Education, was selected to become a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). The AERA Fellows Program was established by the AERA Council to honor education researchers with substantial research accomplishments, to convey the Association’s commitment to excellence in research, and to emphasize to new scholars the importance of sustained research of excellence in the field.

Faculty Feature: Meet Dr. Katherine E. Lewis

katie lewisDr. Katherine E. Lewis has been appointed an assistant professor at the UW College of Education. Lewis focuses on special education, specifically high incidence disabilities, and she will be working in the high incidence disability program as well as teaching assessment and math methods courses in the special education teacher preparation program. More»

Student Spotlight: Senate Higher Education Committee

Alicia Kinne, a current PhD student and CREST Fellow, testified before the Senate Higher Education committee in mid-January. Her overview of performance funding for higher education in the US was considered as part of a lager conversation about different ways to fund colleges and universities based on performance such as graduation rates and student retention. Watch Video»


UW Alum on MAP Boycott

Former UW TEP student Jesse Hagopian is a public high school teacher in Seattle and has been very involved in the national conversation about standardized testing. In January 2013, teachers at Seattle’s Garfield High School unanimously voted to stop administering a widely used standardized test, the MAP test, saying that the test is deeply flawed and is unfairly used to grade student performance. As the number of educators boycotting this test increases, Hagopian has been speaking with bloggers, journalists, and, most recently, CNN News. More»

Funding Announcements

College of Education awards for new grants and competing renewals mid-December 2012 through January 2013

PI: Phil Bell
Title: Relating Research to Practice in Informal Learning Environments: A Web Resource for Informal Science Education Professionals (new award)
Sponsor: The Exploratorium (subcontract on NSF grant)
Amount awarded: $114,816

PI: Phil Bell
Title: Research + Practice Collaboratory (new award)
Sponsor: The Exploratorium (subcontract on NSF grant)
Amount awarded: $201,928

PI: John Bransford
Co-Investigators and Key Personnel: Bob Abbott, Diem Nguyen, Sue Nolen, Walter Parker, Sheila Valencia
Title: Knowledge in Action “AP+” Project (KNAC) (competing renewal)
Sponsor: George Lucas Educational Foundation
Amount awarded: $564,992

PI: Heather Hebard
Title: Improving Writing Instruction and Student Achievement through a Professional Learning Community (new award)
Sponsor: Royalty Research Fund
Amount awarded: $39,962

PI: Sue Nolen
Title: Collaborative Research: Studying and Supporting Productive Disciplinary Engagement in Demanding STEM Learning Environments across Cultures and Settings (new award)
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Amount awarded: $150,202

PI: Holly Schindler
Title: Effective Early Childhood Education Programs: Meta-Analytic Lessons from High Quality Program Evaluations (new award)
Sponsor: Harvard University (subcontract on IES grant)
Amount awarded: $15,564

Fast Facts

Last year, over two thirds of College of Education students (400 students!) worked in schools and with local community partners as part of their service learning coursework.

In 2012, the College of Education web page received 2,289,500 page views from over 225,779 visitors. Over half of these were new visitors. These visitors represented about 200 countries, including the top ten: United States, China, Canada, Philippines, United Kingdom, India, South Korea, Australia, Japan, and Taiwan. The three most popular pages were the home page, the degrees page, and the teacher education page.

College Updates

CEL Announces the 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership

The Center for Educational Leadership is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.0 of the 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership (4D) framework. Among school-related factors, school leadership is second only to teaching in its potential influence on student learning. Instructional leadership is a critical aspect of school leadership. The framework is not the sum total of the work of instructional leaders. Rather, it is a description of the most salient aspects of instructional leadership. More»

In Memorium

Remembering Dr. Gilbert Sax

Dr. Gilbert “Gil” Sax, who served as a faculty member in the area of educational psychology and published research on educational measurement, evaluation, and research, died in November. Gil is survived by his wife, Lois, two daughters, two stepdaughters, ten grandchildren, three great grandchildren, and many friends. More»


Dr. Megan Bang (Faculty): Keynote for International Conference of the Learning Sciences

Dr. Megan Bang will be an individual keynote speaker at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences in Boulder, CO June 23 – 27. She co-edited a special issue of Human Development with Dr. Na'ilah Nasir that was released as a double issue in January.

Dr. Richard Catalano (Faculty): Profiled in Seattle Times

Jerry Large profiles Dr. Richard Catalano in Seattle Times, writing, “Richard Catalano has a storehouse of solutions for problems that beset adolescents and follow them in to adulthood — academic failure, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, violence. He’s not the first person to make a claim like that, but the programs he puts forth are backed by hard proof that they work.” More»

Dr. Karin Frey (Faculty): Co-Chair of Peer Relations Conference

Dr. Karin Frey will be the program co-chair for Peer Relations conference that precedes SRCD. This will include sessions on cultural influences on peer relations, moral developmental influences, genetic-environmental interactions, and interventions. A small number of advanced graduate students can obtain free entry by assisting with registration at the beginning of the day. Interested students should send email Dr. Frey.

Dr. Christopher Knaus (Alum): UW Tacoma Faculty

Dr. Christopher “Chris” Knaus was hired as a full professor at the University of Washington Tacoma campus. He will begin directing the new Ed.D. program in June 2013.

Dr. Katherine Lewis (Faculty): Star Fellowship

Dr. Katherine Lewis was awarded the Service, Teaching, and Research, (STaR) for Early Career Mathematics Educators. The program aims to bring together future leaders of mathematics education to advance scholarship, create a network, and showcase research priorities for the field. More»

Dr. Edward Taylor (Faculty): Book Talk

Dr. Edward Taylor is the third author for Inside the Undergraduate Teaching Experience, out this month from SUNY Press. The book is based on a qualitative study of 55 faculty members across different different disciplines at the University of Washington, starting in 2009. It paints the professoriate as an overwhelmingly self-reflective group striving to achieve better learning outcomes over the course of their academic careers. More»

Dr. Barbara Wood (Alum): George Mason University

Dr. Barbara Wood (Curriculum and Instruction) spent the last year working at ACS Hillingdon International School in London before taking an assistant professor position at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. Wood works in both the Elementary Math Education program and the Mathematics Education Leadership program. While a student at UW, Wood worked with Dr. Nathalie Gehrke and Dr. Tom Halverson.

Dr. Kenneth Zeichner (Faculty): Seminar for Conference on Pakistan Teacher Education

Dr. Kenneth Zeichner delivered a seminar on Action Research and Reflective Practice in Teaching and Teacher Education to university teacher educators in Pakistan. The Islamabad conference participants were redesigning the curriculum for the preparation of primary teachers in Pakistan.

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