Who are we? 

we are l4l!Leading, Learning & Liberation was formed through the leadership of students in L4L Cohort 7 and is a coalition of educators and leaders, joining together to re-imagine schools and school systems. An important characteristic of L4L is the enduring network that exists across cohorts and across time. This is our contribution to that network. It is our plan to leverage our L4L network to move educational systems toward justice in our region and beyond. 

Beginning with ourselves, we seek to transform systems in ways that disrupt historic patterns of inequity and dismantle the structures by which they are perpetuated. We don’t have all the answers. We are seeking to learn from one another. This is a space we come to both push and be pushed. 

Our Futurity Council emerged as a collective of leaders connected to Leading, Learning & Liberation that partners to shepherd the writings and ideation through this blog format for the shaping of the future of public education toward an equitable, liberating system.

What do we do?

Inspired by and rooted in the Leadership for Learning Program Standards we seek to:

  • Live in a continuous state of critical reflection to understand how we individually contribute to the current system and what personal changes we must make to begin to transform it.

  • Work in solidarity with others to recognize and decenter whiteness, to combat racism, and to ensure that the needs, interests, and assets of historically marginalized students, particularly Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color are central in change efforts.

  • Build systems which liberate by sharing decision-making power across multiple voices—educator, family, community, and students through equitable collaboration.

  • Engage conflict productively, ethically and equitably.

  • Lead the transformation of damage-centered data systems and data-use practices to reinforce strengths-based approaches to student and adult learning.

  • Design and lead the implementation of law and policies in the service of equitable learning for each student.

  • Creatively manage and redistribute resources in ways that  increase opportunities for those marginalized by school systems.

How do we do it?

We are driving and influencing the Education Revolution by uplifting the stories of leaders, educators, students, and community members who are authentically fighting against a system designed to promote white supremacy and to marginalize people of color. 

Our tools will include regular blog posts and podcasts as well as presentations at conferences and hosting of special events to facilitate networking and community building with others who share our goals. Our campaign will be coordinated by a leadership council to ensure that the resources we are lending the power of our collective voices to, align with and advance our overarching mission and goals. 

Who is invited?

Anyone committed to creating just, equitable, and liberating schools is welcome to partake in   Leading, Learning & Liberation and participate in any of our forums. Participants should be aspiring lifelong learners seeking to influence and be influenced. We are all works in progress. Contributions to our forums and other highlighted resources should be focused on or inspired by one or more of the topics listed in our “What We Do” section.  

This post begins our journey, with bi-monthly contributions to follow. We appreciate you walking alongside us, listening to the various voices, taking in the views, and looking forward to the horizon of educational justice.