Learning Together 2020

This is a moment for reenvisioning education. Rather than seeking to return to "normal," let's leverage the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to build more just schools. We must dismantle the processes, policies, and practices that uphold racism within our educational systems and build new structures that center the voices of families and communities.





Webinar: Promising District Leadership Practices for Transformative Change in the Context of COVID-19

This webinar expands on findings from a recent research study that identified promising examples of local leaders enactinged three instructional leadership principles: 1) Families as Equal Partners in Learning; 2) Rich Learning Opportunities; and 3) Coordinated, Coherent, and Inclusive Decision-Making. District leaders from five school districts reflect on what they’ve learned about supporting instruction during the “dual pandemics” of COVID- 19 and racial injustice. They share their current and future efforts to center the experiences and perspectives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and emphasize family and community relationships to reorient district-level decision-making. (New: Added 11/16/2020)


Webinar: Restoring Indigenous Identities in Mathematics from Land-Based Pedagogies: Implications for Black and Brown Communities

In this webinar, Filiberto Barajas-López (Associate Professor and Director of Indigenous Education Initiative) addresses how racial/ethnic identities are intimately tied to disciplinary identities. Drawing largely from Indigenous contexts, the webinar draws from historical and contemporary examples to illustrate the ways in which mathematics is produced as a consequence of living relationships with the physical world (e.g. plants, animals and other living things). A goal of this webinar is to interrogate existing frameworks (their affordances and limits) and offer land-based pedagogies as a necessary direction for Indigenous and minoritized learners. (New: Added 10/22/2020)


One Out of Five: Disability History and Pride Project

In Washington state, October is Disability Awareness Month. Sarah Arvey (UW PhD candidate), Adina Rosenberg (Bellevue School District), the Office of Education Ombuds, and Rooted in Rights collaborated to create videos and lessons that center disability history and pride. The lessons have been updated to include modifications for virtual instruction. (NEW: Added 10/9/2020)



Article: Seattle-area families of color are talking about improving remote education. Here are some of their ideas.

"Learning from families and communities should be the first order of business in schools." In this Seattle Times article, Regina Elmi (Executive Director, Somali Parent Education Board), Ann Ishimaru (Associate Professor, Univeristy of Washington) and parent leaders discuss how remote learning is impacting families and call upon organizations to listen to BIPOC students and families, analyze how resources are allocated, and find creative ways to change how we do school. (NEW: Added 9/30)

Articles & Videos

Article: Restoring Indigenous Systems of Relationality (NEW: Added 11/16)

Webinar: Disability Teaches Us: Introduction to Disability Justice in Schools (NEW: Added 10/9)

Webinar: Leading for Equity: Equity-Focused, Learning-Centered Leadership (NEW: Added 10/9)

Webinar: Book Launch for Just Schools: Building Equitable Collaborations with Families and Communities (Added 9/1)

Policy Brief: Promising District Leadership Practices for Transformative Change in the Context of COVID-19 

Article: The Prospects for Just Schools in the Wake of COVID-19 Responses

Teaching Changed Almost Instantly Due to COVID-19. How Long Will It Take to Revolutionize Equity in Education?

From 'Best' to 'Next' Practices in Family Engagement for Educational Justice

EduTalk: Families as Fellow Leaders on the Journey to Educational Justice

Reinvesting in school improvement as a strategy for economic recovery from COVID-19

UW Centers & Initiatives

Banks Center for Educational Justice

Equitable Parent-School Collaboration

Family Leadership Design Collaborative


Select Websites With Additional Resources:

School's Out Washington Framework for School-Community Partnerships for Students During COVID-19 (Added 9/1)

Teaching Tolerance

NYU's Culturally Responsive Education Hub

We Teach NYC

Social Justice Mathematics and Science Curricular Resources for K-12 Teachers compiled by Dr. Kari Kokka


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