Learning Together 2020

This fall, many schools will continue to operate online or using hybrid formats. Let's work together to overcome technological challenges and create meaningful learning opportunities that foster connection and values children's home- and community-based knowledge.





Webinar: Promising District Leadership Practices for Transformative Change in the Context of COVID-19

This webinar expands on findings from a recent research study that identified promising examples of local leaders enactinged three instructional leadership principles: 1) Families as Equal Partners in Learning; 2) Rich Learning Opportunities; and 3) Coordinated, Coherent, and Inclusive Decision-Making. District leaders from five school districts reflect on what they’ve learned about supporting instruction during the “dual pandemics” of COVID- 19 and racial injustice. They share their current and future efforts to center the experiences and perspectives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and emphasize family and community relationships to reorient district-level decision-making. (New: Added 11/16/2020)

Flyer for Play Equity Coalition event. Includes image on the right side is of an outside scene with large trees beneath a list of the panelists and the facilitator. On the left side is a list of what will be discussed over a gray background.


Free Play and its Role in Health, Equity, and Community

With access to structured play and physical activity limited, free and unstructured play is essential for kids' mental and physical health right now. In this free webinar on Nov.12, a panel of King County Play Equity Coalition partners will engage in conversation about the importance of free play, play inequities in King County, how COVID has forced changes in approaches to play, and some potential solutions for communities, programs, and families. (NEW: Added 10/30/2020)



One Out of Five: Disability History and Pride Project

In Washington state, October is Disability Awareness Month. Sarah Arvey (UW PhD candidate), Adina Rosenberg (Bellevue School District), the Office of Education Ombuds, and Rooted in Rights collaborated to create videos and lessons that center disability history and pride. The lessons have been updated to include modifications for virtual instruction. (NEW: Added 10/9/2020)



Webinar: How to Support Home-Based Science Learning During School Closures

This webinar discusses how being at home can support students’ social and emotional well-being; provide meaningful science learning experiences; and allow students to explore real-world, personally relevant science.


Supporting Student Learning Online

Tapping the Power of Asynchronous Learning Spaces

Student Engagement: Synchronous Online Learning

Open Education Resources for PD: Formative Assessment in Science Education

Supporting Students’ Science Learning During COVID-19 School Closures

Article: How one Seattle teacher kept his kindergartners engaged through the coronavirus closures

Supporting Educators Online

The Importance of Relationships During Distance Learning

The Surprising Possibilities of Virtual Team Collaboration

Principal Supervision and Distance Learning: What’s the Right Approach?

Podcast: Guidance for Reopening K-12 Schools

Resource Lists

Early Childhood Resources collected by the College of Education

Activities for Families with Caregivers of Young Children from Cultivate Learning

Resource Library for Early Learning and Expanded Learning Opportunities Professionals from Cultivate Learning


Select Websites with Additional Resources

School's Out Washington Framework for School-Community Partnerships for Students During COVID-19 (NEW: Added 9/1)

NYU's Culturally Responsive Education Hub

We Teach NYC


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