Registration processes for undergraduate courses vary based on a student’s enrollment in a major or minor. All students should review course registration restrictions listed in the course’s notes section. These important notes can be found in myPlan and the UW Time Schedule. Registration procedures for graduate level courses can be found here.

Enrollment in College of Education courses for non-Education Majors

The College of Education encourages pre-majors and students enrolled in majors outside of the College of Education to enroll in our courses. Registration restrictions vary by course; refer to myPlan or the Time Schedule to learn if you’re able to register.

How to get into a course? 

  •  You must use NotifyUW to receive notification when a seat opens.

  • Consider taking the course in an alternate quarter. Please see the Courses database to see upcoming course offerings.

  • Instructors do not maintain waitlists or provide add codes.

  • Courses cannot be overloaded.

Education, Learning, & Society (ELS) Minors

The College of Education often gives declared ELS students similar registration priority afforded to ECO, ECFS, and Education Studies Majors.  Courses required for the completion of the ELS Minor typically have registration restrictions for period one, two, and sometimes all three registration periods. 

Registration restrictions allow ELS students to have priority access to our courses so they can progress toward graduation as outlined by the minor’s defined course sequencing, field experience, or approved plan-of-study.  As an ELS student, you are able to register on your own. Make sure that you add the Tag: Registration for ELS Minors when you are reviewing classes.  You can preview those sections here in OnCourse.

Early Childhood & Family Studies (ECFS), Education, Community, & Organizations (ECO), and Education Studies (EDUC S) Majors

Courses required for the completion of the ECFS, ECO, and Education Studies majors typically have registration restrictions for period one and sometimes all three registration periods. Registration restrictions allow declared majors to have priority access to our courses so they can progress toward graduation as outlined by the major’s defined course sequencing, prerequisites, and adviser approved plan-of-study. It is highly recommended you know the courses you need to take at least two weeks in advance of your registration priority date. Your registration priority date can be found in your myUW account. If you are unsure of which courses to register for in an upcoming quarter, you will need to contact or meet with an adviser in the Office of Student Services during drop-in hours or in a 1:1 appointment.

It is important to be familiar with the prerequisite requirements for your major, as completing courses outside of the sequence designated by the major can result in delayed degree completion. All newly admitted ECFS, ECO and Education Studies students will create a plan-of-study with their adviser that will align with course prerequisite requirements. Please be aware that Incomplete and X grades are not sufficient for meeting prerequisite requirements. Visit the prerequisite webpage to familiarize yourself with this policy.

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