For Gareth and his parents, Bill and Alyssa Sunderland, good days are precious.

“We knew something wasn’t right as early as seven months,” says Alyssa. Gareth was a happy baby who showed signs of growth and language development, but not in the usual forward trajectory. “He would say a word or gain a skill, then lose another,” she says.

When Gareth was 15 months old, the Sunderlands’ pediatrician recommended that he be screened for developmental delays through a birth-to-three program. One option stood out immediately: the UW’s Haring Center for Inclusive Education.

“We knew the UW well since Bill earned his Ph.D. there, but we’d never heard of the Haring Center,” says Alyssa. “We didn’t know just how lucky we were in making that decision.”

Read more about how the Sunderlands were changed forever by the UW’s groundbreaking support for children with autism, and how they want to help other families access the same opportunities.


Dustin Wunderlich, Director of Marketing and Communications