From how teenagers help friends experiencing bullying or other threats to supporting parents in nurturing the social-emotional development of their children, University of Washington College of Education faculty recently shared their work as part of the College’s EDU Talks series.

Watch each EDU Talk from the May 3 event in its entirety below.

What do we say to the children?

Maggie Beneke, assistant professor of education, discusses the importance of engaging early learners in conversations about ability and race.

Teen superheroes, friends and caretakers

Karin Frey, research associate professor of education and primary investigator of the Sociomoral Action and Identity Lab, shares her research into how teenagers help friends experiencing discrimination, bullying or other threats—and how those actions affect their friends and their own sociomoral identity.

Parent Coaching 411

Angel Fettig, assistant professor of education, discusses the importance of providing support to the parents of young children in nurturing their social-emotional development.


Deborah McCutchen, professor of education, discusses the cognitive processes underlying children’s reading and writing ability.

It's like they don't exist

Patrick Sexton, assistant dean of teacher education programs, discusses the importance of incorporating LBGTQ-inclusive curriculum in school and in the preparation of future teachers.

More than just loving kids

Carly Roberts, assistant professor of education, shares her work improving the educational experiences of students with intellectual and developmental disabilities through research at the student and teacher level.

The UW College of Education’s EDU Talks series features nationally-recognized researchers who partner with schools, communities and organizations to address the most pressing issues in education. Watch previous EDU Talks online.


Dustin Wunderlich, Director of Marketing and Communications