Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange Named Distinguished Graduate Awardee 2012–13

Jun 12 2013

Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange is the University of Washington College of Education Distinguished Graduate Awardee for 2013. The Distinguished Graduate Award was established in 1986 and is awarded annually to a College of Education graduate of marked distinction.

Lange is currently vice president for minority affairs and vice provost for diversity at the University of Washington. She received a doctorate from the UW College of Education in educational leadership and policy studies and a master's degree in public administration.

From Tinkering to Transformation: Strengthening School District Central Office Performance

Jun 5 2013


By Meredith Honig

Published by the American Enterprise Institute

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 largely mandated that US school district central office leadership should help schools dramatically improve their performance and significantly shrink decades-old achievement gaps. However, central offices have traditionally focused on business and compliance functions rather than on supporting schools in their efforts to help all students realize ambitious learning goals.

UW Announces New, Low-Cost, Online-Only Degree Completion Program in Early Childhood Studies

Early learner at the Experimental Education Unit.
Mar 27 2013

The University of Washington will offer a new, low-cost, online bachelor's degree completion program in Early Childhood and Family Studies. Pending final approval, the program will start in the fall.

Ambitious Teaching Practices Benefit Students at Lakeridge Elementary

Feb 27 2013

In 2010, approximately one in five Lakeridge Elementary students was passing the state mathematics assessment test. Working with strong instructional leaders, a school improvement grant, and Lakeridge’s phenomenal teachers, Dr. Elham Kazemi’s team helped these classes see gains that are approaching or outpacing the district average on math benchmark assessments. Dr. Kazemi’s collaborative team includes Dr. Allison Hintz from UW Bothell as well as a cadre of graduate and postdoctoral students.

Studying & Supporting Productive Disciplinary Engagement in Demanding STEM Learning

Feb 25 2013

Students in Finland have a reputation for doing well on international assessments in science and mathematics, an accomplishment that has long been of interest to educators and policy-makers here in the U.S. A new research collaboration between the two countries is aimed at advancing the best ideas from both sides of the ocean, with the goal of bringing new innovations to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in environments from kindergarten through undergraduate education.

Danforth Educational Leadership Program: Delivering on the Promise of Equity

Dec 1 2012

In the late 1980s, a team of talented, dedicated educators designed an innovative leadership preparation program that integrated graduate coursework with intensive field experiences.

ECO Classroom

Sep 2 2011

The Early Childhood Outdoor Classroom (ECO Classroom) is a scalable project, designed for culturally and economically diverse pre-school children. The curriculum introduces and connects the students and their families to nature, the environment, and arts, and to instill compassion for the environment.

Summary: Garfield High School Summer Bridge Program

Aug 28 2009

From a home-schooled Ashland, Ore. youth to a student from Seattle Girls school, Garfield High Schools’ incoming high school freshmen come from all types of educational institutions. Yet, they have one thing in common. Most simply aren’t prepared for the academic and personal challenges of high school, and consequently, struggle and often fail during their freshman year.

Sandall & Joseph Awarded National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning

Jun 27 2008

The College Access Project: Creating College Success for Every Student

Sep 7 2007

Two College of Education students in the Education Leadership and Policy Studies area have written and received a grant from the Hazel Miller Foundation. Ashley Patricia Ferrell, MEd student in Organizational and Policy Studies, and Mariah Moody, MEd student in Higher Education, wrote the grant to support the College Access Project, which aims to increase the percentage of first generation college-bound, low income, and under-represented students who will graduate from high school "college ready".