New faculty Q&A: Oscar Olvera Astivia

Aug 12 2020

Oscar Olvera Astivia discovered the field of educational measurement during his undergraduate studies thanks to a multiple-choice midterm that left him wondering how to calculate the probability of passing under a specific set of circumstances. Following the spark of curiosity, Olvera Astivia has earned a PhD in measurement, evaluation and research methodology from the University of British Columbia and taught at the University of South Florida in the educational measurement and research program.

Alumni give boost to bilingual instruction in area schools

Aug 9 2020

As a first-generation Mexican-American, Yasmeen Pelayo didn’t speak Spanish fluently until high school. Lacking the ability to speak the language was damaging to her identity as a Mexican-American. 

Policy brief outlines promising leadership practices during COVID-19

Aug 5 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented numerous challenges to school districts across the nation, a new policy brief from University of Washington College of Education researchers outlines how district leaders are reshaping policies and practices to advance racial equity.

Generous gift bolsters effort to diversify the educator workforce

Aug 4 2020

The University of Washington today announced a $6 million anonymous gift earmarked to bolster diversity in the education workforce, a key driver in ultimate K-12 student success, especially for students of color.

Professor receives grant to develop and disseminate innovative statistical methods for assessment

Jul 30 2020

University of Washington College of Education Professor Chun Wang has received a $764,000 federal grant to develop and disseminate more efficient statistical models and software for analyzing complex educational assessments.

Lending a hand: Alum helps community partners advance early learning

Jul 27 2020

Long before joining the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a senior program officer, Amber Banks (PhD ‘17) was a special education teacher in Los Angeles.

While Banks loved the work, she became increasingly aware of how classroom perspectives seemed lacking from policies impacting students and teachers across school systems. 

Opinion: Invest in a diverse teacher workforce

Jul 23 2020

In an op-ed published by The Seattle Times, University of Washington College of Education Dean Mia Tuan, along with Federal Way Public Schools Superintendent Tammy Campbell and Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Denise Juneau, argues that investing in a more racially diverse educator workforce must be the top priority in disrupting systemic racism in education.

PODCAST: Supervising principals for instructional leadership

Jul 21 2020

While helping principals grow in their ability to advance high-quality teaching and learning is of critical importance to student success, in most school districts, that type of coaching gets short shrift.

Instead, says University of Washington College of Education Professor Meredith Honig, principal supervisors tend to spend most of their time on evaluating and monitoring their principals, or to support principals in the non-instructional operations of their schools.

Professor: Federal funds largely serve nation’s most vulnerable children

Jul 14 2020

While federal spending on K-12 education amounts to just 8% of what it costs to run the nation’s public schools, that funding is essential to supporting the nation’s most vulnerable students argues David Knight, an assistant professor at the University of Washington College of Education, in a commentary published by The Conversation.

National Academy of Education Spencer Dissertation Fellowship awarded to doctoral student

Jul 13 2020

Jisoo Hyun, a doctoral student in social and cultural foundations at the University of Washington College of Education, has received a Spencer Dissertation Fellowship for her project “Education at the Crossroads of Trans-Pacific U.S. and Japanese Imperialism: Korean Schooling in Territorial Hawaii, 1906-1940.”