Zeichner on teacher education and social justice

Ken Zeichner, Boeing professor of teacher education, presented the keynote address at the annual meeting of ScoTens in Limerick, Ireland. ScoTens brings together all of the teacher education institutions, teacher unions and government agencies in Ireland and Northern Ireland concerned with teacher education. Zeichner discussed "Teacher Preparation 3.0: How Teacher Education Can Support Social Transformation and the Realization of Greater Justice."

DL2 presents on school district support for deeper learning

Lydia Rainey, research director of UW's District Leadership Design Lab, presented her paper “How School Districts Can Support Deeper Learning: The Need for Performance Alignment” at a meeting of the Jobs for the Future Deeper Learning Initiative. The paper, co-authored by Meredith Honig, DL2 director and associate professor of education, examined the Lab's research on what district central offices do when they pursue ambitious teaching and learning improvements that lead to college, career and civic readiness. The meeting convened policymakers, researchers, and practitioners to identify promising reform strategies for secondary school improvement and the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind/Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Institute creates STEM lessons on Teaching Channel

The Institute for Science + Math Education recently worked with Boeing, the Teaching Channel and teachers from Seattle and Houston to create a series of lessons and videos centered around engineering for students in grades 4-8. These resources are now available from the Teaching Channel, along with videos of the teachers modeling and explaining key lessons.

Bell speaks at NGSS leadership conference 

Philip Bell, Shauna C. Larson Chair in Learning Sciences, spoke at the Next Generation Science Standards Network Leadership Conference, held last month in Washington, D.C. Bell discussed using instructional materials to support the new standards with equity as a focus. During the conference, teams of state leaders discussed challenges, work and policies around implementation of the new vision for science education. 

Zeichner named National Education Policy Center Fellow

Ken Zeichner, Boeing professor of teacher education, recently was named a fellow of the National Education Policy Center. NEPC produces and disseminates research to inform education policy discussions.

Educational Psychologist features faculty, alumni

A special issue of the journal Educational Psychology was co-edited by Professor Susan Nolen. She co-authored the issue's introduction, "The Relevance of the Situative Perspective in Educational Psychology," as well as the article "Situating Motivation" with Christopher Ward (PhD '09) and former faculty member Ilana Seidel Horn.  The issue also featured "Culture, Learning, and Development and the Natural World: The Influences of Situative Perspectives" by Megan Bang, assistant professor of education.

New book explores universal design in education

Sheryl E. Burgstahler, affiliate professor of education and founder and director of the UW's Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology (DO-IT) and Access Technology Centers, is author of the new book Universal Design in Higher Education: From Principles to Practice. The book is a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute guide for creating fully accessible college and university programs.

Center for Educational Leadership shares new resources with educators

CEL recently hosted 70 central office leaders from across the country for the Leading for Effective Teaching District Leadership Summit. The summit engaged participants in an important national conversation on how central offices can work differently to support teaching and principal effectiveness at scale.

CEL also partnered with the Florida Department of Education for the Commissioner’s Leadership Academy. In this year-long initiative, CEL is training more than 180 principals to observe and analyze instruction and improve their ability to provide effective growth-based feedback to teachers.

Connecting teaching practice to student learning

Jennifer McDermott, CEL chief of staff, shared three key strategies that help instructional leaders connect teaching practice to student learning in a recent blog post.

Hoffman authors paper on 'coaching carousel'

Jennifer Hoffman's article "Playoffs & Payoffs: The College Football-Coaching Carousel" was recently published in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning.

In the months leading up to the first NCAA Football Subdivision Series national championship playoff, the anticipation grew regarding which four schools would emerge in the college football spotlight. In all the brouhaha, the coaches of the contenders garnered just as much attention for their next career steps as they did for the wins on the field that secured their teams a playoff spot.

As the college football playoff selection committee narrowed its choices, pressure increased at some institutions to offer contractual incentives for coaches to stay and lucrative salary buyouts to others who might leap to their university in hopes of producing one of next year's four playoff teams. Speculation about which coaches could quickly produce next season's wins—especially in post-season games—intensified. Who would leave for another football program, and who would stay?