Early literacy

What should education leaders, policymakers and philanthropists know about improving early literacy in PreK-3? Kristie Kauerz, director of the University of Washington College of Education's National P-3 Center offers four key takeaways in a new blog post for the McKnight Foundation.

Kauerz, a longtime member of the McKnight Foundation’s Education & Learning National Advisory Committee, offers four key takeaways:

  1. Collaboration requires intentionality and explicit strategies.
  2. Stability matters.
  3. The “Pathway” for children needs to be wider and stabilized.
  4. Improving young children’s success requires strategic perseverance throughout the entire system.

Kauerz's column was published in conjunction with this week's release of the report “Improving Early Literacy in PreK-3: Lessons Learned,” a case study commissioned by The McKnight Foundation and published by SRI International that chronicles efforts to improve PreK-3rd literacy proficiency in six schools across the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

Read Kauerz's post in its entirety on the McKnight Foundation blog.


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