emily machado

Emily Machado

Assistant Professor of Education

Immigration & Schooling Equity Studies

Scholar Snapshot

Professor Machado studies the teaching and learning of writing in linguistically and culturally diverse classroom contexts. Her current research examines how young children draw on their communicative resources (including languages, dialects, literacies and cultural practices) in and through their writing.

A former public school teacher, she is deeply interested
in the ways that teachers can make their classrooms more equitable, humane and inclusive for all students.

Professor Machado’s published research includes “Cultivating Opportunities for Young Adolescents to use Multilingual and Multicultural Resources in School Writing” in Voices from the Middle, “‘Lived life through a colored lens’: Culturally sustaining poetry in an urban literacy classroom” in Language Arts and “Exploring culturally sustaining writing pedagogy in urban classrooms” in Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice. She also is author of the chapter “Teaching grammar while valuing language diversity: Urban teachers navigating linguistic ideological dilemmas” in Addressing Diversity in Literacy Instruction.

She is on the faculty of the UW’s Teacher Education Program and Language, Literacy and Culture program, leading courses including “Teaching and Learning in Literacy” and “Teaching Reading and Writing in Multilingual Settings.”