Roxanne Hudson

Professor of Education

Research Areas

Students with Disabilities

Early Childhood

Reading and Emergent Literacy

Scholar Snapshot

Professor Hudson’s work is focused on ensuring all students reach their potential in reading and writing. She does this through school-based research on interventions designed to help children with disabilities learn to read and through the preparation of special education teachers who enter the profession ready to teach reading to a wide range of children.

Professor Hudson has led numerous professional development session on intensive reading intervention and differentiating instruction with school districts and regions in Washington, Massachusetts, New York and Florida. She has received funding from the National Institutes of Health to explore preschool reading and language interventions for children with autism and currently serves as director of Project FOSTER, a U.S. Department of Education-funded doctoral program at the University of Washington designed to prepare researchers and teacher educators fully conversant in reading and math content knowledge to lead the field.

Professor Hudson is a research associate at the UW’s Center for Human Development and Disability. Her publications include “Effects of Emergent Literacy Interventions for Preschoolers With Autism Spectrum Disorder” in Exceptional Children, “A socio-cultural analysis of practitioner perspectives on implementation of evidence-based practice in special education” in The Journal of Special Education, “Promoting active participation in book reading for preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A preliminary study” in Child Language Teaching and Therapy and “Relations Among Reading Skills and Sub-Skills and Text-Level Reading Proficiency in Developing Readers” in Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal.

In Depth

Watch Professor Hudson’s EduTalk about her work developing interventions for children with reading challenges.