The start of a new school year is a busy time for children and teachers.

The National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning, based at the University of Washington College of Education, is pleased to offer this survival kit. Head Start teachers and other program staff can use the resources below to support their work with children and families all year long. Start exploring on your own and share them with colleagues.

Back-to-School Resources

Use these materials as a quick reminder of successful classroom practices to get you started this school year:

Schedules and Routines
Watch this four-minute video for tips on creating classroom schedules and routines. Learn how these practices promote children's learning.

Visual Reminders of Classroom Expectations
Learn how printable visual cues for teaching children about behavior expectations, including a voice volume chart for the classroom, can promote positive behavior.

Tips for Teachers: Designing Environments
Use this one-page tip sheet for ideas on designing the classroom environment. Learn how the environment affects children's learning and what you can do enhance it.

Tips for Teachers: Develop a Sense of Teamwork
Discover key practices to  build a strong teaching team. This resource lists ideas for providing feedback, sharing information, and more.

Get Ready for Kindergarten! Activity Calendar for Teachers
This year-long calendar focuses on children's transitions to kindergarten. Find monthly activities that support smooth transitions for children and families.

Explore more NCQTL resources that highlight evidence-based teaching practices at the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center.

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Dustin Wunderlich, Director for Marketing and Communications