Born in Houston to parents from El Salvador and Haiti, Elba Camila Moise has observed the power of inclusive learning environments throughout her life. Now, the doctoral student in multicultural education at the University of Washington’s College of Education has her eye on nudging learning in that direction.

“My plan for the future is to create more inclusive spaces in both formal and informal learning environments,” said Moise, a diversity ambassador for the College’s Office of Minority Recruitment and Retention. “Upon completion of my degree, I hope to help educators prepare for working effectively across differences in order to create diverse and inclusive learning spaces that focus on equitable pedagogy.”

Moise, who also works for UW's Center for Teaching and Learning, described her inspiration to study education at the College of Education, as it is a part of her personal story as a student.

“The mentors and educators that I have had throughout my undergraduate and graduate career thus far have provided me with empowering and transformational learning experiences,” she said.

Moise has worked in local and international settings in secondary and higher education in areas such as academic success, community health, citizenship, anti-oppression, empowerment and sustainability. She recently graduated with a master’s of public health (focusing on international health) from Oregon State University along with a graduate certificate in college and university teaching. She previously earned her bachelor’s in psychology with a pre-health minor from St. Edward’s University.

“I chose the College of Education at UW because it merges various disciplines to critically analyze the role of schools and teachers in the learning process,” Moise said. “I believe that it is critical that educators work from interdisciplinary knowledge and multiple conceptual frameworks in order to understand the needs of learners and the roots of those needs.”

As Moise works toward her doctoral degree, she is also participating in numerous activities within the community, on campus and globally. In conjunction with UW's Pipeline Project, she is facilitating a seminar called Teaching the Movement, a two-quarter seminar engaging undergraduate students in exploring the civil rights movement. Additionally, she is on the American Association for University Women's Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and serves on the Social Justice Training Team for YWCA Eliminating Racism.


Dustin Wunderlich, Director for Marketing and Communications