Fong Johnson

Won-Fong Johnson joined the UW College of Education in September as clinic director and assistant professor with the school psychology program. Johnson is a nationally-certified school psychologist who earned her PhD at University of California, Santa Barbara. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center within the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Trauma Clinic and at TIES (Training, Intervention, Education and Services) for Families, South Bay. During her postdoctoral fellowship, she received intensive clinical training on trauma-based interventions, cognitive behavior therapy, parent-child interaction therapy and in working with the underserved population.

Johnson recently answered questions about what drew her to UW, her goals as director of the school psychology clinic and more.

What drew you to education?
My parents have always instilled in me the importance of education ever since I was a young child. As an individual born with a disability, I have experienced first-hand the power of education and the ability to truly change lives for the better.

Describe your research and service agenda.
I am excited to focus my efforts on enhancing the quality of clinical training and service delivery to children and families within our community. I am especially passionate about working with the underserved population and plan to continue this work through my training of students and service delivery. I have strong interests in conducting clinical research on trauma-related childhood disorders, externalizing and internalizing disorders, parent involvement and school-based mental health. I also hope to work in collaboration among the different departments within the College of Education to provide comprehensive services through our clinic with mental health and specialized academic services.

What makes this work meaningful to you?
We owe it to our children to ensure they are physically and mentally healthy to allow them to engage in their work and learning experiences. I was lucky enough as a child to have quality teachers and parents who were incredibly invested in my success and future.

What attracted you to UW?
UW College of Education is held in such high regard among scholars across the nation. Rightfully so, given that there are top-notch scholars and students who teach and train here. With that, it is an honor to be a part of the UW College of Education, and the possibility to collaborate among such intelligent and kind colleagues is a privilege.

What courses will you be teaching and what current/future courses are you most excited about?
I am teaching a year-long advanced clinical practicum, where advanced doctoral school psychology students receive training on how to work within a mental health clinic, and also receive training on an evidence-based treatment model, cognitive behavior therapy. I will also teach an assessment practicum to second year graduate students within our program, where the students will learn how to administer, score and interpret cognitive (intelligence) assessments, academic assessments and social-emotional assessments. Finally, I will teach a course on clinical diagnosis using the diagnostic manual next year. I am excited about all of them!

What's your favorite education-related movie?
Good Will Hunting.

What are a couple things that people should know about you?
I am a licensed Zumba instructor, and will teach a hip-hop format of a dance class as well, called U-JAM Fitness. I love to dance! It is my stress relief and escape. Also, I do have a hearing impairment. So if I do not respond immediately I promise it is not because I'm ignoring you or being rude!


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