Please describe your current title/position.

ELL Instructor/Facilitator at Odle Middle School, Bellevue School District

In what ways did the MIL degree prepare you for the leadership work you’re now doing?

Pursuing the MIL degree, with an ELL endorsement, completely set me up for the new role I have this year. Being an ELL Facilitator, in addition to an ELL instructor, means that part of my role is to support the learning of content area teachers. Through this program, I learned about various coaching strategies and how to set up successful professional learning experiences that I’ve drawn on numerous times this year when working with teachers. I feel more comfortable in my role as a leader of teacher learning because I’ve been exposed to many styles and research-based practices.

What were some highlights of your experiences in the MIL program?

The capstone project was extremely challenging and painful at times, but now that it’s done I feel very accomplished. The constant feedback and support from [the MIL director] makes this project manageable even on top of a full teaching load in a brand new position.

What was your Capstone Project about? In what ways was it useful to you as an instructional leader?

I was able to choose a research project that fit perfectly with my new position. Through this research I was able to examine and bring to light the benefits of using Professional Learning Communities to support and enhance content area teacher’s instruction of English Learners. Now at the end of the year, two of the members and I have been chosen to join an Instructional Leadership team that will plan and facilitate professional learning for the entire school next year

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