Around the country, district leaders are recognizing they have yet to figure out how to improve principal performance at scale. Despite investments in revised principal supervisor roles, districts are struggling to provide the requisite professional development and training for leaders taking on these roles. Successful principal supervision requires new ways of supporting principals in a partnership role, leading by teaching and learning in an atmosphere of mutual accountability. AASA has partnered with the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership to bring CEL's Principal Supervisor Professional Development Program to all central office leaders who support principals' instructional leadership growth as their primary responsibility. For 2020-2021, AASA will offer two locations for the academy: East: August 25-26, 2020, Gwinnett County, GA November 17-18, 2020, Atlanta, GA April 20-21, 2021, Gwinnett County, GA West: August 19-20, 2020, San Diego County, CA November 11-12, 2020, San Diego County, CA April 27-28, 2021, San Diego County, CA The registration deadline is June 15, 2020.

Course Objectives

Understanding and creating the structures and routines necessary to improve the performance of principals as instructional leaders Building and protecting calendars Developing effective 1:1 work with principals Developing effective principal professional learning communities Using a teaching approach as the primary lever for improving principal performance Communicating, clearly and continually, the work between the principal supervisor and principals Assessing, gathering, and using evidence to support and monitor principal progress Jointly developing a focus of work with each principal and utilizing learning and planning guides to focus their work together Reflecting upon, setting goals for, and monitoring progress of their own development as effective principal supervisors

Certificate or Credential: 
AASA/CEL diploma of completion and professional achievement