Third Grade Teachers, join us for an exciting opportunity to engage in learning about how to teach an Orca whale unit in a virtual learning environment. This interactive and entertaining workshop will bring science to life as we explore best practices for online learning about a true orca whale story. This workshop will allow all teachers to enjoy learning about interdependent relationships within Orca pods. Walk away with our complete Orca unit and confidence in using it with your students!

Webinar Details

  • All teachers are welcome to take part in this exciting program. No science background required.
  • This one-hour webinar is free and open to all, no registration required. Join using this Zoom link at 4:15pm PST on February 2nd.
  • If you would like to receive 1 clock hour for your participation, please register before the meeting ($15 administrative fee) 


Course Objectives

  1. Identify specific transition shifts from in person to online science teaching with third grade students.
  2. To identify and use the elements of Ambitious Science Teaching Practices to support learning and participation.
  3. Learn how to equitably implement the NGSS aligned curriculum with students in ways that are pedagogically responsive to their culture and science thinking through online collaborative learning.