Upcoming Offerings in Early Learning

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Early Childhood Education in the time of COVID: Voices from the Field

November 18

Haring Center staff and Early childhood special educators (teaching in Birth-Grade 3 settings) will share strategies, practices, and supports that have effectively and efficiently supported families and young children during COVID. Please join us for a collaborative conversation around best practices and lessons learned as we all navigate this new normal!

Early Childhood Professionals, Elementary Teachers, Special Education Professionals

SPEB Institute: Transforming Partnership in Education- A Learning Institute for Families and Educators

November 21

Community members will come together to co-create optimum learning environments that center students and their families. 


District Leaders, Early Childhood Professionals, Elementary Teachers, Informal Educators, School Leaders, Secondary Teachers

Leveraging Technologies to Support Families during COVID: Strategies for Virtual Family Support and Home Visiting

December 16

Family support is a large part of a special educator’s role, but the shift to online learning has made this incredibly difficult. This webinar will cover ways of supporting families during COVID 19 and with the shift to distance learning. We will share resources for conducting virtual home visits and discuss ways school staff can connect with families, assess their needs, connect them with resources, and support them in meeting their child’s’ needs at home.

Early Childhood Professionals, Special Education Professionals

Washington Early Achievers Institute: Promoting Inclusive Practices for all Children

December 1 to December 5

Join us for a week of inclusion. This free virtual institute will enhance the capacity of providers by sharing a research-based tiered approach to inclusive education. Sessions are designed for all childcare providers who care for children age 0-12 and want to learn research-backed strategies to promote accessible and inclusive learning environments. Plenaries will be led by disability self-advocates and experts in the field of inclusion with a focus on culturally responsive inclusion practices for early learning and school-age providers.

Early Childhood Professionals