In this course, participants will learn about why we need to practice media literacy when consuming, sharing, and creating print and digital media. We will cover the core concepts of media literacy and practice integrating them into existing lessons and pedagogical practices for in-person and remote instruction.

Course Schedule

Participants will meet in three online synchronous sessions and complete 2.5 hours of asynchronous work.

  • Session 1: Tuesday, Feb 16th 1:00 - 2:30pm
    •  30 minutes of asynchronous work in between class sessions
  • Session 2: Wednesday, Feb 17th 1:00 - 2:30pm 
    • 1 hour of asynchronous work in between class sessions
  • Asynchronous Work Time: Thursday, Feb 18th
    • 1 hour of asynchronous work 
  • Session 3: Friday, Feb 19th 1:00 - 2:30 pm 

Note: If this schedule doesn’t work for you, this course is offered again on Wednesday afternoons in April & May.

Course Details

  • The fee for this course is $90.
  • The course fee includes 7 clock hours (4.5 hours meeting in synchronous sessions, 2.5 hours of asynchronous work).
  • Registration is limited to 75 participants. Please join our waitlist if the course becomes full. We will contact you in the event that a seat becomes available or an additional date/time of the course is created.  For questions, please contact

Course Objectives

Participants will...

  • learn about the core concepts of media literacy
  • develop an understanding of why media literacy is important for middle and high school-age students
  • form connections between their current practices and the core concepts of media literacy
  • become familiar with practical examples of infusing media literacy into their teaching and student learning 
  • work with others to develop a collection of media literacy resources to use when designing in-person and virtual lessons 
  • find personally-meaningful and relevant ways to weave media literacy practices into their teaching