• The College of Education is proud to announce a new secondary add-on endorsement in Computer Science, in partnership with the Information School and the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. The endorsement is structured as a 5th quarter each Spring, after completing the the 1-year masters in teaching, and comprises four courses:

    • EDTEP 574 Assessments in Computer Science 

    • EDTEP 577 Computer Science Equity and Justice

    • EDTEP 590 Teaching Computer Science in Secondary School

    • EDTEP 602 Computer Science Field Experience

  • Pending PESB approval, we expect the endorsement to require demonstration of introductory programming proficiency through a single course. University of Washington courses that can demonstrate this proficiency include:

    • CSE 142 Computer Programming I

    • CSE 143 Computer Programming II

    • CSE 160 Data Programming

    • CSE 163 Intermediate Data Programming, or

    • INFO 201 Technical Foundations for Data Science

  • Candidates may also demonstrate proficiency through equivalent courses at other institutions, or through an interview.

This program’s first cohort will graduate in Spring 2022; many details are forthcoming. Please contact edinfo@uw.edu for questions about the endorsement.

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