STEP 1: Your application will be processed.

> Your application materials will be verified, assessed, and checked into the application database.
> You may log into your online application status page to view items that have been received or not received.

> Most items are checked in and verified manually and although they will be listed as “received” with any online submission, we will be adjusting this status as we verify receipt of your materials within 5 business days of the application deadline.

STEP 2: You will receive an email about your application status.

> Within 5 business days of the application deadline, you will also receive an email notification that your application is complete or incomplete.

> If your file is incomplete, you will have limited time to get any missing materials turned in to your file before your application is reviewed. The committee will begin reviewing files on October 19th.

STEP 3: Your application will be sent to the committee for review.

> After the processing period ends on October 19th, your application will be sent to the committee for review. You will receive an email notification once this has happened.
> The Teacher Education committee plans to notify applicants about final status by mid-December and may be in contact in November for interview level notification.  
> The committee plans to hold remote interviews starting in mid-November. Further information will be sent if you are selected for an interview.


> How do I log in to my application to view my status?

You can log in to your application by following this link. Once there, next to your submitted application in the action column, you can view your status. On this page, you can view materials received, edit recommender information, or view and update transcripts. Once there is a status decision, you will see this information there as well.

> Is there a way to expedite the processing of my application?

Be sure the transcripts uploaded are complete, legible, and include your degree information if you have graduated. Ensure that test scores were uploaded or sent to UW. Remind any recommenders to submit letters if you see that they have not been received.


> October 7 Application Deadline

> On or before October 14 You’ll receive an email regarding your application completion status – any missing items should be submitted before the application review period

> October 19 Application review period begins

> Mid November  Interview level notification will be sent by email to those initially selected to interview (Interviews are remote during the week of November 14th though this may be ongoing)

> Mid December Final decision notifications will be sent by email and can be viewed in the online application.

*This timeline is an estimate only and subject to change


> What if I don’t see a required item marked as received?

Please allow 5 business days for us to process any materials. We’ll update receipt status once we have verified your materials and contact you about anything that is missing.

> My application materials show receipt status after the deadline – is it considered late?

It is not late if it is checked in during our processing period, which is anytime between the application deadline and October 19th.

> What is acceptable for transcripts?

It is only required to upload unofficial transcripts for the application. Transcripts must be generated directly from your school and have complete information about your coursework and degree earned. You can log back in to your online application to ensure that the transcripts you uploaded are readable and have complete information. If you are offered admission, the Graduate School then requires an official transcript to verify your degree.

> How will I know if a recommendation has been submitted?

Once a letter is received, it will read as “received”. Letters that are expected online will read as “activated” until received.


> Why aren’t my test scores appearing under Official Test Scores?

Basic Skills Test scores are checked in under the Basic Skills Test Score information and may not appear under “Official Test Scores” if you took the West-B, CBEST, or Praxis I. As long as we have checked your scores in under Basic Skills Test Information after processing your application, we have received the official scores.

> Do I need to send official test scores to UW?

If you have uploaded your score report or previously had scores sent to UW, you do not need to send official scores. You would only need to send official scores if you did not upload them or send them previously.

> Have I met testing requirements for the Basic Skills Test?

The Basic Skills test is required with official scores sent to UW for Reading, Math, and Writing for any candidate seeking certification. The acceptable tests include West-B, ACT, SAT, CBEST, and Praxis I. There are no longer passing scores but all three tests must be taken.

For the Writing Test, note that SAT Writing tests prior to 2005 do not qualify and a more current Writing portion would need to be taken.

> I took the West-B Test before the deadline but my scores aren’t reported yet – are they late?

As long as you have taken the test before the deadline, we will know to look for your scores shortly to be on time for your application.

> I wasn’t able to take the Basic Skills Test yet due to circumstances around COVID-19 - are my scores considered late?

We are aware of limitations with testing and COVID-19. As long as you noted this in your application, the committee will review all other materials to make a decision about your application. Please send a test plan once you have this.

> How do I send official scores to UW if I couldn’t upload a report?

> West-B: Report your scores to UW when registering for the test.

> ACT: Contact Student Services Score Report (319-337- 1270) to order your score report. Be sure to specify that your scores are sent to the UW Seattle at 4484. ACT scores prior to 1995 cannot be used to meet the basic skills requirement.

> SAT: Call 866-756-7346 and ask that your scores be sent to University of Washington, Seattle, school code #4854.


You will receive a personalized update on your application on or before October 14. If you do not receive communication, please contact

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