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Engage with programs in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum through the UW’s nationally-ranked graduate programs in education. With a shared commitment to equity and justice and changing the status quo in education and society, we employ diverse disciplinary, theoretical and methodological approaches to the teaching and learning of justice oriented knowledge, skills, and orientations in and out of schools.

Students and faculty partner with communities, educators and youth to engage in teaching and research throughout the Puget Sound and beyond, in graduate programs such as as our teacher preparation programs (ELTEP, STR, UACT and STEP),  Math and Science (including Islandwood) education, Instructional Leadership, Language, Literacy and Culture, and Culturally Sustaining Education and our doctoral study option in Teacher Education and Teacher Learning for Justice. Together, we reimagine, implement and study approaches to the connections between curriculum, learning, and instruction, moving the field toward more just, joyful and care-centered experiences for and in partnership with youth and their communities.

Our graduates pursue work in a range of settings in and out of school, as educators, instructional leaders, curriculum developers and researchers.


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Program Degree

Culturally Sustaining Education

Our program is designed to prepare students to serve as educators, collaborators, researchers, and advocates with schools, community organizations, colleges and universities, and other learning spaces and to facilitate, design, and enact projects, courses, and programs that promote educational justice in all its forms.

M.Ed., Ph.D.

Instructional Leadership

A program designed for passionate teachers who feel called to engage in the critical work of teacher-leadership.


Islandwood Option

The Graduate Residency in Education for Environment and Community at IslandWood (an outdoor learning center) focuses on the integration of educational theory from environmental, experiential and multicultural education with practice teaching 4th, 5th and 6th graders in a school overnight program.


Language, Literacy, and Culture

Provides advanced preparation in understanding and applying expanded notions of literacy, language learning, and culture and its intersections along with the choice of a specialization in 1) literacies with a supporting emphasis on multilingualism including English language learning and teaching or 2) multilingualism including English language learning and teaching with a supporting emphasis in literacies.

M.Ed., Ph.D.

Mathematics or Science Education

Emphasizes advanced, specialized training in mathematics and/or science education, with an elementary or secondary emphasis.

M.Ed., Ph.D.

Teacher Education and Teacher Learning for Justice

Teacher Education and Teacher Learning for Justice doctoral study option is designed for future researchers and leaders with commitments to advancing intersectional justice in teacher education and teacher learning who can engage with, examine, unpack and ultimately help transform educational systems.

Ed.D., Ph.D.