Community based learning is an instructional approach that connects classroom learning to community service, whereby:

  • Learning is more informed by the hands-on exposure to the realities of the world, and;
  • Service is more informed by the application of theoretical understanding.

Thus, students in ECFS are continuously immersed in community-based experiences during their two years in the major.

Your experience in the community can be thought of as an additional source of information to inform classroom discussions on critical issues in early childhood.

ECFS community based learning courses aim to meet four simultaneous goals for our students:

  1. Academic understanding
  2. Civic engagement
  3. Personal growth
  4. Professional development

To foster maximum learning and growth, students benefit from consistent instructors for their service-learning experience; one instructor for junior year and another for senior year.

A foundational value in community based learning is the need to establish mutually-beneficial relationships between our students and the community we serve.  Thus, students commit to year-long community based learning positions.

Keeping with the mission of the College of Education, community based learning placements aim to serve low income, high need communities in the Seattle Metropolitan area.