Spoltight on Shaneé Washington

Shaneé Washington

Assistant Professor of Education

Research Areas

Family & Community Engagement

Culturally Sustaining/Revitalizing Pedagogy

Indigenous Education

Scholar Snapshot

Professor Washington’s research focuses on family-school-community engagement in Indigenous contexts explored with culturally sustaining/revitalizing pedagogy using Indigenous and decolonizing methodologies. Throughout this scholarship, she investigates how aspiring and developing teachers and leaders become culturally revitalizing and/or sustaining educators of Indigenous and other minoritized students who experience schools as colonizing institutions.

Professor Washington, who taught in elementary and middle schools for more than a decade, earned her PhD from the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, where she received the Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award.

Her dissertation, “Family-School-Community (Dis)Engagement: An Indigenous Community’s Fight for Educational Equity and Cultural Reclamation in a New England School District,” explored the ways that Indigenous families, community members and district educators conceptualized and practiced family-school-community engagement and whether their conceptualizations and practices were aligned and culturally sustaining/revitalizing. She is co-author of the article “Flipping their Lids: Teachers’ Wellbeing in Crisis” in “Flip the System Australia: What Matters in Education” and the book chapter “Collaborative Professionalism Across Cultures and Contexts: Cases of Education Change Networks Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Canada and Columbia” in “Professional Learning Networks: Facilitating Educational Transformation.”

In Depth

Read Professor Washington’s dissertation on an Indigenous community’s fight for educational equity and cultural reclamation.