carol davis

Carol Davis

Professor of Education

Research Areas

Positive Behavior Supports

Inclusive Education

Developmental Disabilities

Scholar Snapshot

Professor Davis’ career has focused on increasing the success of a range of students who exhibit behavior problems in more inclusive settings, with extensive research examining effective strategies to address the needs of students with behavioral issues in schools. Her current work
explores what variables contribute to the successful implementation of these strategies by classroom teachers, schools and districts. In particular, Professor Davis is working to develop systems of teacher and student support in public school settings with the goal of promoting positive behavior of students exhibiting challenging behavior.

Professor Davis is primary investigator for iBESTT (Integrating Behavior Support and Team Technology) a collaborative, web-based tool to improve early childhood teachers’ implementation of interventions for children with or at risk for emotional or behavioral disorders. The iBESTT team is currently partnering with schools to implement the tool and evaluate its effectiveness in assisting school teams and teachers who are supporting students at-risk for or with chronic behavior problems.

Her publications include “An interdisciplinary university-based initiative for graduate training in ev- idence-based treatments for children’s mental health” in the Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, “Using self-monitoring, activity schedules, and correspondence training to increase inde- pendence while decreasing challenging behavior in young children” in Young Exceptional Children, “Autonomy and Accountability: Teacher Perspectives on Evidence-Based Practices for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities” in Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities, and “Creating success for students with autism spectrum disorders and their teachers: Implementing district-based support teams” in the Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership.

In Depth

Learn how iBESTT is helping teachers and schools im- plement a team-based student support process.