janine jones

Janine Jones

Professor of School Psychology

Professor Jones’ scholarship centers around multiculturalism as a context for resilience that leads to culturally responsive interventions which reduce the negative impact of life’s unavoidable stressors on the well-being of children and adolescents of color. Her work addresses the importance of understanding, respecting, valuing and incorporating culture in all services for children and families. 

As a psychologist, Jones designs and implements cultural adaptations to evidence-based practices and assists school personnel in integrating culturally responsive practices that enhance teacher-student relationships and lower barriers related to intractable opportunity gaps for students of colors. Her ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between research and practice by developing culturally responsive and innovative approaches to emotional and behavioral intervention for all children.

Her most recent research projects focus on the application of culturally responsive interventions, including 1) art-based mindfulness in schools, 2) cultivating resilience through ethnic identity and 3) nature-based education as cultural immersion. One of these projects,  called L.A.U.G.H, evaluates the impact of art-based mindfulness on the learning experience of children experiencing chronic stress. In all of her research, Jones investigates the impact of interventions on school engagement and sense of belonging in students of color in schools. 

Research Areas 

Resilience in Youth of Color

Belonging and Identity in Youth

Culturally-Responsive School Mental Health

In Depth

Watch Professor Jones’ EduTalk on the importance of culture to social-emotional health.