Katie Headrick Taylor

Katie Headrick Taylor

Assistant Professor of Education

Research Areas

Digital Literacy Practices 

Intergenerational Learning

Community Reciprocity

Educational Equity 

Scholar Snapshot

Professor Taylor’s research explores the role of digital media in the lives of children, youth and families through ethnographic case studies, community-based design studies and the development and study of undergraduate courses for students considering teaching and careers in the social sciences.

Her research commitment lies in understanding and designing technology-rich learning environments that address the practical needs of historically underserved and underrepresented students and communities. She believes doing so will continue to transform scientific and technological practices so that professionals and non-professionals are collaboratively producing new activities and learning that thoughtfully drive processes of education, community change and resource management. She continues to formalize new approaches that help teachers and educators in schools and youth-serving organizations support young people to critically engage in learning and civic processes with technologies and experiences with which youth are already familiar.

She was principal investigator on a National Science Foundation project, Mobile City Science: Youth Mapping Community Learning Opportunities, as well as a Spencer Foundation/National Academy of Education project, Off the Map. She also conducts instructional design with university students that leverages mobile and geospatial technologies at the nexus of community-university relations.

Her research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, Heising-Simons Foundation and Spencer Foundation/National Academy of Education and has been published in the Journal of the Learning Sciences, Cognition & Instruction and British Journal of Educational Technology.

In depth

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