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Education shapes our society

The Education, Learning & Society (ELS) minor gives you knowledge and background of how humans learn. You will also explore how society, environment and culture shape human learning across school, work and play. This minor is a collaboration by the College of Education and the College of Arts & Sciences.

After declaring the ELS minor, you will take core courses in human development and schooling. After these courses, you will create an area of focus from approved electives. Finally, you will engage in five credits of approved service learning and complete a 1-credit colloquium course, reflecting on your courses and the influence of education on our learning and society.

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    To meet the ELS requirements, you will earn 31 credits through a combination of core classes, electives in your area of focus, field experience, and a colloquium.

    Learning & Development (5 credits)

    Choose one of the following

    • PSYCH 206 (prereq. PSYCH 101)
    • PSYCH 306 (psych majors only)
    • NURS 201
    • EDPSY 302
    • EDPSY 380
    • EDPSY 404
    • EDPSY 406
    Schooling & Society (5 credits)

    Choose one of the following

    • CHID 210
    • EDUC 210
    • EDUC 225
    • EDUC 251
    • EDUC 305
    • EDUC 310
    • SOC 292
    • AES 340
    Field Experience (5 credits)

    Choose one of the following

    • EDUC 240
    • EDUC 260/401
    • EDUC 421
    • ECFS 200
    • GEN ST 346

    With ELS adviser approval, student may substitute one of the following: CHID 497, GEN ST 350, GEN ST 391, GEN ST 470, SOC 402, or other related courses

    Colloquium (1 credit)
    • EDUC 299

    A colloquium is a space for you to have deep discussions and share ideas from the ELS experience. Colloquia encourage learning through talking and sharing thoughts.

    Electives (15 credits)

    Electives must be on the approved list. Up to fifteen credits may overlap with your major(s) and up to five credits may overlap with another minor.


    Current and prospective ELS students are welcome to schedule a virtual advising appointment with Ramon Concepcion, ELS Adviser.

    For Spring 2024, current ELS students are also welcome to join the Virtual Drop-In Session every Thursday from 10:30am to 11:30am.  For more information, please visit the ELS Advising & Resource Center on Canvas.

    Admission requirements and process

      We encourage you to declare the minor as soon as you've met with your major advisor and decided the ELS Minor benefits your personal, academic, and professional goals. There are only a few requirements:

      • You are a UW undergraduate student
      • You are have at least 45 completed credits with at least sophomore standing
      • You have already declared a major
      • You are NOT enrolled in the ECO, ECFS, EDST, or ECE majors. Students in these majors cannot enroll in the ELS minor.


      • You do not need to apply to the ELS minor
      • Complete the minor declaration paperwork with your major advisor
      • Current UW students interested in the ELS Minor can also schedule a virtual advising appointment with Ramon Concepcion.

      It is imperative that you discuss adding the minor to your plan of study and completing the minor paperwork with your major adviser. ELS advisers can only support you as you learn more about program.

      Shortly after the Registrar’s office completes your minor enrollment paperwork, you will be added to ELS Canvas course which is a resource for advising, course announcements and other important information about the minor.

      Costs and funding

        We are a tuition-based program. Estimated tuition rates are based on your residency:

        • Estimated cost for Washington state residents: $12,643 per year
        • Estimated cost for out-of-state students: $41,997 per year

        Estimates are subject to change due and may differ due to course load and summer quarter enrollment. Estimates include some fees such as building fee, technology fee, U-Pass, etc. Fees such as textbooks are not included.

        View the UW tuition dashboard →
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