Together we are transforming education

The College of Education is working to solve real-world educational challenges and close opportunity and achievement gaps. Our distinctive method places teacher candidates, faculty, research and professional development programs inside schools, where leading-edge teaching practices are developed, tested and refined in real time. Our model prepares outstanding teachers and leaders who are change agents ready to dramatically improve the quality of entire educational systems and make excellent education a daily reality for every student in every community.

Our vision

We believe it’s possible to make learning come alive for all students. We believe our students are capable of amazing things when given the opportunity to reveal their strengths.

A spirit of promise infuses everything we do. From preparing the next generation of teachers to investigating the most challenging issues facing our schools, we believe our students, educators and communities possess incredible potential.

We aren’t afraid to try new things. To innovate. To break through what’s been done and reimagine education. Together, we can change education in our region so all our young people see their futures filled with promise.

Message from Dean Tuan

Mia Tuan, dean of the college of education

Without the support of generous donors, many students would not have been able to become the education professionals they are today, our research centers might not be in existence, and our faculty wouldn’t be able to fund innovative work.

No matter the size of the gift, the College of Education is grateful for the many opportunities our friends and alumni have provided to help us achieve our mission of making excellent and equitable education a daily reality for all students in Washington and across the country.

Thank you for your support and dedication!

Mia Tuan
Dean, College of Education

Stories of Impact

Nestled in the vibrant University of Washington Quad, the Brotherhood Initiative (BI) stands not just as a learning community but as a beacon of hope and transformation for young men of color.
As the U.S. is facing another literacy crisis, particularly with the Science of Reading, Lakeya Afolalu has a solution. It’s to challenge schools and society to redefine literacy.
When it comes to university programs offering degrees and credentials for improving mental health in schools, the UW’s School Psychology program provides something unique.