Resources for Current College of Education Students

  • Current students can navigate the right sidebar to find information about academic policies, forms, financial aid, and professional development. You may also review a quick-reference list of resources below.
  • Admitted students can find helpful information in the Admissions section of resources for admitted students.

Frequently Used

Prospective & Admitted Students

Prospective Students and Applicants 

To learn more about College of Education undergraduate and graduate degree programs, visit our programs pages or request information.  

Admitted Students 

Visit our Admitted Graduate Students page or contact the Office of Student Services.

Advising & Student Services 

For Winter quarter 2024, the Office of Student Services  will hold advising appointments and other meetings both in person and online.  See here for information about how to connect with advisers. Our office is located in 206 Miller Hall, and is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Online appointments and meetings can occur outside these hours.  Students and faculty can also reach advisers and other OSS staff directly via email, and they will reply as soon as possible.  You may also connect with us by phone (206-543-7834) or email ( with any questions and we will assist you as quickly as possible.  

The Office of Student Diversity & Inclusion will offer both online and in-person services during the 2023-2024 academic year.  For more information contact them at    

Undergraduate advising resources

  1. College of Education Prospective Students
  2. Education, Communities, and Organizations
  3. Early Childhood and Family Studies
  4. Early Care and Education
  5. Education Studies
  6. Education, Learning & Society Minor
  7. For Spring quarter course registration questions, contact  

Graduate advising resources

Classes and Academic Information 

For the 2023-2024 academic year, most classes will be offered in-person, but some will also be offered in an online or hybrid format.  The best way to know is to look up your classes in the UW Time ScheduleIn-person classes will have building and room number listed in the Time Schedule, while online classes will not have a location listed and will have words "online" or "hybrid" or "Offered Via Remote Learning" in the Description/Comments, or in the Notes (access Notes by clicking on the SLN number).  Online classes may be conducted synchronously, meaning that you will have online class meetings at the times shown in the UW Time Schedule, or asynchronously, meaning that there are no scheduled class meetings, but you will complete online learning activities at times that fit your schedule while also keeping pace with the instructor’s expectations. 

We recognize that every student is in a different place with access to technology, access to the internet, work schedules, and caregiving responsibilities, so courses will be conducted with an eye to ensuring all students can access the content and learn effectively. If you have specific needs or concerns, contact your instructors directly.

Field Experiences

We understand that many of you have important fieldwork components to your education in the College. Your program directors are collaborating with state and national certification agencies, as well as school and community partners, to ensure your fieldwork experiences are safe and meaningful. Your program director/instructor will send specific updates regarding the  fieldwork expectations you will be engaged in to meet program requirements.  Please contact your program director / lead if you have questions about your fieldwork.

Learning & Technology


Degree Completion and Graduation 

Undergraduate Students

Seniors in the ECE, ECFS and ECO majors should watch for announcements from their academic advisers. Advisers are offering both in person and virtual appointments for questions about degree completion.   

Graduate Students

  • MIT students should connect with their program directors for information about completing degree and certification requirements.  
  • MEd, EdS, EdD and PhD students should connect with their assigned faculty advisors for information about completing their degree requirements.

Additional Information for Graduate Students

  • All doctoral general exams and final exams can be held in-person or remotely. Confer with your graduate faculty advisor for more details. 
  • Proctored Master’s Exams, for those students who choose or are required to take them, will occur in an online format, or in-person by request. The Autumn 2023 Master's Exams are scheduled for November 17, 2023.  Check in with your advisor about your exam readiness prior to registering for the Master's Exams.   
  • Master's degree students planning to complete their degree at the end of Autumn quarter 2023 should request their master's degrees no later than October 13
  • Doctoral students planning complete Research & Inquiry during Autumn 2023 should submit their completed R&I paper and register for the event no later than October 13.  
Academic Policies

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Financial Support 
Campus Services & Resources

UW Links & Resources 

International Students 

College of Education Events & Facilities
  • Miller Hall will be open 7:00am - 7:00pm, Monday - Friday, for UW students, staff, and faculty.  College of Education offices will be open, though some may have limited operating hours*.  Common areas and study areas will be available for use.    
    • * The Office of Student Services (206 Miller) will be open from 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday  
    • * The Dean's Suite (222 Miller; Fiscal, Advancement, & Administration Offices) will be open from 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday
Health, Wellness, and COVID-19 Prevention

Can't find what you need?  Please contact the Office of Student Services (206-543-7834 or