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Focused on equity and academic excellence

The Elementary Teacher Education Program (ELTEP) is an intensive, one-year program that prepares educators who are focused on educational justice, equity, and academic excellence. We partner with surrounding school districts and focus on serving students, families, and communities that have been historically marginalized by oppressive school practices.

You and your cohort will experience transformational learning through a combination of classroom and fieldwork experiences. ELTEP begins in Summer Quarter with cohort-based learning on the UW Seattle campus and a summer practicum with a partner school district. Your student teaching experience continues with a school-year long placement in a Seattle-area classroom.

At the time of graduation, you will have earned your Master in Teaching (M.I.T) degree and Washington Residency Certificate. You will also be equipped with elementary content  knowledge and the skills to differentiate learning for students in your classroom. You can also extend the program by adding endorsement specializations in multilingual learners (ELL), bilingual education, reading, special education and more.

What you'll learn

Equity-centered teaching

ELTEP emphasizes equity and academic excellence, preparing you to become an educator dedicated to fairness and excellence in the classroom.

Diverse community engagement

You'll work in diverse communities that have been historically marginalized by oppressive school practices, gaining hands-on experience in schools that reflect the real world.

Comprehensive curriculum knowledge

You’ll be prepared to deliver elementary content in classrooms in Washington and across the U.S.

Differentiated instruction

You will acquire essential skills to personalize learning for all students, including Multilingual Learners and dis/abled students.

Community integration

You will learn how to contribute to a vibrant learning environment, building meaningful relationships on campus with colleagues and our UW instructional team, and with mentors, students, and families in your placement.

Classroom management

You will be prepared with strong classroom management techniques  that build  positive, engaging, and justice-focus learning environments.

After graduation

Our graduates are ready for fulfilling careers as certified elementary teachers, equipped with the skills to inspire and educate young minds. Many graduates also use this program as the first step in their career trajectory, returning to UW for our leadership programs that prepare principals, district administrators, superintendents and other education leaders.

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    ELTEP is an intensive, year-long program that blends coursework with field-based learning. Cohorts take the same course sequence together. The following is a sample schedule and is subject to change.

    Summer quarter (18 credits, 75 field hours)

    Practicum and coursework located in a summer program for bilingual students.

    • EDTEP 501 Field Work (1 credit)
    • EDTEP 520 Elementary Math I  (3 credits)
    • EDTEP 531 Teaching & Learning in Literacy (3 credits)
    • EDTEP 543 Teaching & Learning in the Arts (2 credits)
    • EDTEP 544  Identity & Equity in Teaching (1 credits)
    • EDTEP 503 Classroom Management for Elementary School Educators I (1 credit)
    • EDTEP 511 School & Society (3 credits)
    • EDTEP 555 Understanding Indigenous Perspectives: Implications for Teaching and Learning (2 credits)
    • EDTEP 524 Physical Education & Health in Schools (2 credits)
    Autumn quarter (18 credits, 75 field hours)
    • EDTEP 502 Field Work & Seminar (2 credits; one full day in placement)
    • EDSPE 501 Foundations of Inclusive Education, evening/hybrid (3 credits)
    • EDTEP 532 Teaching & Learning in Literacy II (4 credits, taught in the field)
    • EDTEP 521 Teaching & Learning in Math II (4 credits, taught in the field)
    • EDTEP 543 Teaching & Learning in Social Studies (3 credits)
    • EDTEP 507 Introduction to Ambitious and Equitable Science (1 credit)
    • EDSPE 503: Classroom Management for Elementary School Educators II (1 credit)
    Winter quarter (18 credits, 215 field hours)
    • EDTEP 503 Field Work & Seminar (4 credits, three full days in placement)
    • EDTEP 544 Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Teaching (3 credits)
    • EDTEP 533: Teaching & Learning in Literacy III  (3 credits)
    • EDTEP 522: Teaching & Learning in Numeracy III (3 credits)
    • EDTEP 523 Teaching & Learning in Science (3 credits)
    • EDSPE 503: Classroom Management for Elementary School Educators III (1 credits
    • Caucusing
    Spring quarter (11 credits, 440 field hours)
    • EDTEP 601 Field Work (8 credits; full time student teaching) 
    • EDSPE 503: Classroom Management for Elementary School Educators IV (1 credit)
    • EDTEP 505: Capstone Project (2 credits)
    • Caucusing

    After your one-year program, you will have options to add an endorsement to your Washington Residency Certificate.

    ELL/MLL (Multilingual) and Bilingual Endorsements

    The ELL/MLL and Bilingual Endorsement programs are designed for any certified educators seeking to enhance their ability to better serve and advocate for multilingual learners in their classes, as well as for those who plan to teach in a dual language classroom. MIT candidates pursuing this endorsement will remain matriculated as UW graduate students through the summer quarter. This endorsement requires courses and practicum, along with the WEST-E test. It is structured as a 5th quarter that takes place during summer quarter, after you earn your MIT. 

    Special Education Endorsement

    Increase your capacity to teach students with dis/abilities by earning the special education endorsement. This endorsement  is completed through coursework and practicum experience. With an additional academic year, you will be prepared to teach all students.

    Reading Endorsement

    The Reading Endorsement in Washington is addressed through competencies focusing on: core knowledge about reading, writing, and students; instructional strategies; assessment and evaluation; and professional leadership; as well as a field experience. The competencies are met at the University of Washington by taking courses and completing supervised fieldwork. As a teacher candidate, you can earn your Reading Endorsement by adding coursework and practicum experience to your MIT program. Summer activities include a 3-week coursework and practicum and on-site supervised practicum experience. In 2024 summer activities will be held at a school site.

    Field-based learning is a core element of UW teacher education, providing substantial school experience each quarter.

    Summer Quarter
    You'll spend much of the summer in a bilingual elementary summer school, working one-on-one and in small groups with elementary students. Collaborating with UW instructors, you'll learn teaching methods for math and literacy, classroom management and how to support multilingual learners. The program also examines the historical, social, and political foundations of education in the Seattle area with our community partners.

    Autumn Quarter
    As the new school year begins, you'll become part of a diverse partner school community. Your first month is the September Ethnographic Experience (SEE), a full-time, immersive introduction to your placement school and community. When UW classes begin, you’ll spend one day per week at the placement school, and an additional two days per week at one of our partner schools for math and literacy methods. Formal observations begin in Autumn with one focused on small group instruction.

    Winter Quarter
    Winter quarter increases your school-based practicum to three days per week. Three formal observations in winter will focus on whole group instruction.

    Spring Quarter
    You are at your placement every day in Spring Quarter, which includes your  4-6 weeks of full-time, lead co-teaching.This quarter, you will have four formal observations, one in each subject.

    IMPORTANT: NES Content knowledge test
    ELTEP students must take this State required content knowledge test before beginning their full-time teaching. Elementary candidates take Elementary Education subtests 102 and 103.

    Admission requirements and process

      Before beginning the application process, we recommend reaching out or attending an information session. This will help us get to know you and make sure you have all the information and materials you need to get started on your application!

      Degree from an accredited institution

      Your degree can be in-process at the time of your application but must be completed before the program starts.

      Unofficial transcript(s) with minimum 3.0 GPA
      • Include one from each institution from which you've earned a degree and one from every institution you have attended in the previous 5 years.
      • Your transcripts must include your name, coursework and degree (if completed).
      • If you are offered admission, the UW Graduate School will request an official transcript from your most recent degree earned.

      The UW Graduate School requires a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or 3.0 for your most recent 90 graded quarter credits (60 semester credits). However, we review your application holistically; if your GPA is below 3.0, contact us at uwteach@uw.edu for advice on how to strengthen your overall application.

      Letters of recommendation

      Recommendations should detail academic potential, leadership, collaboration, and adaptability.  Applicants will list a minimum of 2 recommenders in the online application.  Recommenders will receive a link to submit their letter online.


      Resume should include work, educational, and volunteer experience including honors, scholarships (i.e. Dean's list), and awards.

      Statement of Purpose

      Explain your views on the role of education in society and your reasons for wanting to enter the teaching profession. Describe how your educational background and your educational experience working with youth have influenced your interest in teaching.  Draw upon your personal experiences and qualities to explain why you are a good fit for the UW Elementary Teacher Education program. Your statement will be read by the Admissions Committee that includes university faculty and staff, school administrators and teachers with whom you may be placed for internships. 

      Personal History Statement (Optional)

      While optional, you can add to your application by submitting a personal history statement. This statement should address your intellectual growth and development, inclusive of and beyond your academic goals. Speak to topics like:

      • Educational, cultural and economic opportunities and disadvantages you've experienced
      • Ways these experiences affected the development of your special interests, career plans and future goals.

      Statements should be no longer than two pages long, and while there are no standard formatting requirements, we encourage double-spaced text with a legible font.


      Basic skills test

      You must include basic skills test scores with your application.

      Most applicants take the Washington Educator Skills Test-Basic (WEST-B) for their basic skills test. In lieu of WEST-B, you may also use reading, writing and math subtest scores from the following providers:

      • Praxis I
      • CBEST
      • ACT
        • Older scores that do not include a writing subtest can be used for reading and math, but must be supplemented with a new writing test
        • Call 319-337-1270 to order your ACT score report, to request that your scores be sent to University of Washington, Seattle (code 4484)
      • SAT
        • Older scores that do not include a writing subtest can be used for reading and math, but must be supplemented with a new writing test
        • Call 866-756-7346 and ask that your scores be sent to University of Washington, Seattle (code 4854)

      You can upload your score report when completing your application. Official scores are only needed if you don’t have a score report or if you haven’t previously submitted scores to UW as an undergraduate.

      Learn more about substituting WEST-B scores

      NES: Content knowledge test

      Not required at the time of application but must be passed in order to proceed with full-time student teaching.

      ELTEP students must pass this State required content knowledge test before beginning full-time teaching later in the program. Elementary candidates must pass Elementary Education subtests 102 and 103.

      Visit the WEST website for details

      1. Gather all required documents
      2. Visit the Graduate School website
      3. Log into your account or create a new profile if you are a first-time applicant
      4. Complete all steps in application process and upload your documents
      5. Pay the nonrefundable $90 application fee
        • You may request a fee waiver during the application process
      6. Submit your application

      Step 1: Application processing
      Your application materials will be verified, assessed and checked into the application database. You may log into your online application status page to view items that have been received, or not received. Most items are manually checked in and verified. Although they will be listed as “received” with any online submission, we will be adjusting this status as we verify receipt of your materials within 5 business days of the application deadline.

      Step 2: Completion status is emailed
      Within 5 business days of the application deadline, you will also receive an email notification that your application is complete or incomplete. If your file is incomplete, you will have limited time to get any missing materials turned in to your file before your application is reviewed.

      Step 3: Committee review process
      After the processing period ends, your application will be sent to the committee for review. If you are selected for an interview, you will receive information about the process.

      Step 4: Decision
      The Teacher Education committee plans to notify applicants about final status by late-March.

      We value and welcoming applications from international students! If you are applying from outside the United States, there are additional requirements and application materials.

      Prior degree requirements
      • At minimum, you must have the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree (a four-year degree from an institution of recognized standing)
      • Evaluation of your degree will be based on:
        • The national system of education in the foreign country
        • The type of institution
        • The field of study and level of studies completed
      • International transcripts must be submitted in the original language.
      • Your transcript should include date of graduation and title of the awarded academic degree
      • If your transcript is not in English, you must also provide a certified English translation
      • You do not need to have your transcript evaluated for the degree by an agency
      English language proficiency

      Per UW Graduate School policy, you must submit a demonstration of English language proficiency if your native language is not English and you did not earn a degree in one of the following countries:

      • United States
      • United Kingdom
      • Australia
      • Bahamas
      • Canada
      • Ireland
      • Jamaica
      • New Zealand
      • Singapore
      • South Africa
      • Trinidad and Tobago

      The following tests are accepted if the test was taken fewer than two years ago:

      • TOEFL
        • Minimum score: 80
        • Recommended score: 92+
        • The UW's 4-digit code is 4854
      • IELTS
        • You must request from the center where you took the test that your scores be sent electronically using the IELTS system (E-TRF) to the following address:
          • University of Washington All Campuses, Organisation ID 365, Undergrad & Graduate Admis, Box 355850, Seattle, WA, 98105, United States of America
        • Minimum score: 6.5
        • Recommended score: 7.0+
        • School information for submission:
          University of Washington, All Campuses
          Undergraduate & Graduate Admission
          Box 355850
          Seattle, WA 98195
      • Duolingo
        • Minimum score: 105
        • Recommended score: 125+
        • Follow the instructions on the Duolingo website to submit your scores
      Financial ability

      If apply and are offered admission to UW, you will need to submit a statement of financial ability.

      Costs and funding

        We are a tuition-based program. Estimated tuition rates are based on your residency: 

        • Washington state residents: $6,327 per quarter
        • Out-of-state students: $11,430 per quarter

        Estimates are subject to change and may differ due to course load and summer quarter enrollment. Estimates include building fees, technology fees, U-Pass, etc. Additional program-specific fees are not included in this estimate.

        View the UW tuition dashboard →
        Visit the Office of Planning & Budgeting →

        Federal financial aid is available for students. Visit the UW Financial Aid website for information and resources. You can also apply for a number scholarships that are specific for students in the STEP program.

        The CoE Teacher Preparation Office will provide scholarship application materials directly to MIT students
        This fund supports students in our teacher education programs who are experiencing a life circumstance that has created an unanticipated financial emergency.

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