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An Endorsement for Current UW Students and In-Service Teachers

There are over 150,000 multilingual students in Washington state and a need for more qualified teachers. The ELL/ML Endorsement program is designed for any certified educators seeking to enhance their ability to better serve and advocate for multilingual learners in their classes.

This endorsement is offered to secondary teachers in the spring, and to elementary teachers in the summer. 

MIT Candidates pursuing this endorsement will remain matriculated as UW graduate students through the spring or summer quarters. In-service teachers will register as NM (non-matriculated students).

What you'll learn

The ELL/ML Endorsement in Washington is addressed through competencies focusing on: 

  • knowledge and skills, 
  • culture and equity, 
  • professional leadership and advocacy, and 
  • planning, instruction and assessment. 

You will acquire this knowledge and skills in foundations and methods courses. In addition, you will complete a field experience. The competencies are met through coursework and the completion of supervised fieldwork. 

After graduation

Upon completion of this endorsement, you will be better equipped to meet the needs of ELL/ML learners. You will be qualified to teach ELL/ML students in an English-medium classroom. You may teach whole groups or co-teach and work with students in small groups supporting English language development alongside their home language. 


Let's connect

For any questions about the program, contact Patricia Ferreyra, Endorsement Coordinator, at ferreyra@uw.edu.

For any questions about endorsement and certification requirements, contact Michael Nielsen, Certification Officer, at mnielsen@uw.edu


    The ELL/ML Endorsement is an intensive, quarter-long program that blends coursework with field-based learning. For coursework, your cohort will follow a sequence together. You will also spend time in local secondary or elementary school classrooms.


    You have the option to complete this endorsement for secondary or elementary grade levels.


    Cohorts take the same course sequence together.

    • EDC&I 540: Foundations of Immigrant Schooling (3 credits) 
    • EDC&I 542: Approaches to Assessing Second Language Students in K-12 Schools (3 credits)
    • EDC&I 545: Multilingual Socialization and Development (3 credits)
    • EDC&I 548: Methods in Teaching English as a Second Language (4 credits)
    • EDC&I 549: Practicum (3 credits)


    There is a required practicum seminar where teachers continue to develop their practice teaching ELL/ML learners through peer support and reflection. It is also a space for discussion about issues of instruction that arise during teaching.

    During the spring, the fieldwork/practicum experience is concurrent with coursework. The requirement for observation/teaching hours during the practicum is 60-90 hours. For the placement, we take into consideration your previous field placement and/or current teaching position. During the practicum, teachers work with a cooperating teacher and a field supervisor (i.e. coach). The coach conducts two to three lesson observation cycles. In addition to the field placement in schools, there is a required practicum seminar where teachers continue to develop their practice teaching ELLs/multilingual learners through peer support and reflection. This is also a space for discussion about issues of instruction that arise during practicum placement.

    The summer practicum experience starts in the summer and extends into the fall. In the summer, the practicum experience varies for recent graduates and more experienced teachers in the ELL/ML Endorsement. In the fall the practicum seminar for MIT 2024 graduates meets monthly from October to December. Teachers also work with a UW coach and complete 2-3 formal observations. More experienced teachers may participate in a PLC and/or complete similar work in their schools/districts. 


    Upon completion of coursework and fieldwork, you must take the West-E exam 051 to complete the endorsement requirements. You can register for the exam online at http://www.west.nesinc.com/

    Admission requirements and process

      Before beginning the registration process, we recommend reaching out or attending an information session. This will help us get to know you and make sure you have all the information and materials you need to get started on your application!


      Please fill out the Summer 2024 intake form

      Application processing (NA)

      Next steps

      Your application materials will be manually assessed and checked into the application database. The Endorsement Coordinator will notify applicants about final status by early March for the spring endorsement, and late May for the summer endorsement.

      Costs and funding

        Estimated Costs and Funding

        The cost of completing the spring or summer coursework for current graduate students is $6,528 for WA state residents plus any registration, practicum and technology fees. Current graduate students register for classes as in previous quarters. Email Michael Nielsen at mnielsen@uw.edu if you are extending your program.

        The cost for non-matriculated students is approximately $7,062 + fees (see the Graduate and Professional Tuition Dashboard).

        The following information is for WA state K-12 teachers who want to complete the UW ELL/ML endorsement, and for those who are also applying for a tuition exemption as WA state employees. 



        If you are a K-12 teachers, you will most likely register as a "non-matriculated student" (NM). Start by accessing these resources:

        Please start with the emails or phone numbers shown below for clarifying questions.  


        Office of the University Registrar

        2nd Floor Schmitz Hall

        University of Washington

        Tuition Exemption Registration

        Box 355850

        Seattle, WA 98195-5950

        Fax: 206-616-3222

        Email: regoff@uw.edu

        Phone: (206) 543-8580

        For general questions about the logistics and contents of the ELL/ML Endorsement, reach out to Patricia Ferreyra at ferreyra@uw.edu.

        Registration for In-Service Teachers

        There are three steps to the process:

        Step 1: Register for NM status


        Fall-Spring Quarters (for students/teachers who are NOT requesting tuition exemption):

        (...or GNM with the College of Education only if you want to do a UW Graduate Program in the future and count your ELL/ML credits toward that degree. Note that the College of Education has its own process, which is not the same as for other UW graduate programs. For more information see: https://education.uw.edu/admissions/non-matriculated-and-graduate-non-matriculated-students)

        Summer Quarter (for students/teachers who are NOT requesting tuition exemption):


        WA State Employees who intend to apply as a first time or returning non-matriculated (not seeking a degree) students under the tuition exemption program must complete the online non-matriculated application for tuition exemption. There is a $80 non-refundable registration fee.

        Step 2: Complete Tuition Exemption Forms 

        The second step is to submit the Tuition Exemption Request form for WA State Employees: Washington State Tuition Exemption Request Form [UoW 1250].

        Application Deadline: Completed forms must be submitted no later than two (2) weeks or ten (10) business days before the first day of the quarter. In Spring 2024, the first day of the quarter is March 25th and the first day of classes for the ELL/ML Endorsement is March 26th. In Summer 2024, the first day of the quarter is June 17. The first day of classes for the ELL/ML Endorsement is July 9.

        Late Applications: Forms submitted after the deadline date are considered late. Students may have one late submission only; after which tuition exemption forms cannot be accepted.

        Step 3: Register for Classes

        The third step, once an employee has obtained student status and submitted a tuition exemption form, is to log into https://my.uw.edu and register for courses on the appropriate eligibility date. You will be prompted to enter edcodes. Email Patricia Ferreyra at ferreyra@uw.edu if you have not received the edcodes from the College by the time you are ready to register.


        Registration Eligibility Dates (see Registration Periods for more detailed information)

        Newly admitted students and returning former students (but NOT WA state employees doing tuition exemption) may register between May 16-June 16. Continuing students may register any day during this period..

        All non-UW Washington state employees register on the 4th day of the quarter (June 21 for summer). 

        WA state employees doing tuition exemption can begin registering on June 21 for Summer Quarter. See the 2023-2024 Academic Calendar. Scroll down to "Registration Deadlines" and then find "Registration for Tuition Exemption Program - WA state employees".

        Course enrollment is not permitted prior to the appropriate registration eligibility date for all courses when using a tuition exemption. This includes any additional courses even if they are not taken as tuition exempt. 

        Students registering before the assigned tuition exemption registration eligibility date will not be permitted to convert to the tuition exemption program, and will be required to pay regular tuition for all registered credits. Course Adds are not accepted after the third week of the quarter.

        Program Faculty

        Teaching Associate